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SSR hero - use MMgsySkr2
off ads - AYzEwEGK5
secret combination - JGQsNqxkV
food - UCrec6KGJ
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Metropolis Z hack starter package - KidHsaInE
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manual pack - use VlDo9mjJS
talent points - enter KCog7uagv
rank up - RhC7Hv3M5

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Metropolis Z Game story

In 2022, animal hosts infected with a novelvirus were exposed to nuclear waste. The virus jumped to humans, infecting millions within weeks. The world as we knew it was lost. Fifty years later, gangs and mutant zombies govern the rubble of the old world. But some cities havens advanced to face the threat. Heroes armed with advanced weaponry emerged, but there are too few of them to turn the tide. You're former special forces currently stationed at a small base on the city's outskirts. An unknown group launched a surprise attack, capturing many of your people. You and others who weren't captured hid.

Metropolis Z Hack Basics trucos

You can Claim credits and food each operation. You can consume food to Claim ammo at the same amount. Tap Hero and then Level Up to upgrade your Heroes! The Commander's overall strength of four stats:
1. Combat: Improves the fighting strength of your troops
2. Finance: Increases credits earned
3. Politics: Increases food production
4. Industry: Increases ammo production.
Your Heroes' overall strength consists of four stats: Combat, Finance, Politics, and Industry. Improve a Hero's Ability to increase their strength. Use Manuals to earn Ability EXP and increases your Hero's strength. Use different Manuals to boost Combat, Finance, Politics, and Industry. The level of these abilities determines the chances of a successful upgrade. Think carefully before using these items to upgrade your Heroes. Don't worry if you are unable to upgrade. Success comes with time! Tap on the help icon on the Hero interface to learn more. Please tap here to upgrade hero's Lv. Why don't we check the perimeter? Tap on the city landscape icon to access the Campaign interface.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - XHSaQsNbT
level up code - XrKxMZn7C
daily pack Metropolis Z cheat - enter pass NQC6Oad0g
admin account - 200WQ54fs
Month Card x1 - fIfJ7cODz
booster pack - bxlah7Ik6
evolve - 2LB1AT1E2
enhance - EME6vQc77
Now the Strengthen Fort event is ongoing in the Fort! During the time, you can get luxury reward by participating in the event! Let's strengthen our fort to defense zombies! that you need prepare many kinds of building materials to help! Here is the Power increases rank rush! During the event, the final reward will be determined according to your power increases! The Chief who gets the first place will get the title of The Undead. You can check more details in the game. Welcome to Metropolic Z, a lot of fun awaits here. In the first Regional version, we're coming to select players in the Philippines, Australia, Singapore. We'll be rollingout to each region over time ans adding waves of players throughout the release, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Discord to get the latest updates!

Metropolis Z Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The zombies show the fragility of their flesh under the powerful fire and fall down in response.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Metropolis Z cheat code - give: SSR hero, food, promote, speed up, skin, ability, skills, credits, ammo, resources, recharge, gems, vip 11, stone, cement, wood, steel, rank up, manual pack
3. Stat bar: Here is your fame, you can upgrade when your fame is full. Here shows the number of state affairs you can accumulate each time, and the number of times you can accumulate can be increased by raising your player level, which will be restored every 30 minutes.
4. During the event, you can get random rewards by using 4 kinds of props to strehgthen fort!

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Metropolis Z Redeem code - premium gift box 15.08.2021

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