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Milicola The Lord of Soda Game story

Tepmted by abundant cola, a greedy dragon led an army of Orcs into the peaceful Dwarf Kingdom and stole away their treasured cola springs. In hopes of winning them back, the Dwarf King offered a portion of his remaining jewels and precious metals to the Golden Barrack Mercenary Guild to hunt down the dragon. I'm Major - No, Commander Pan, and I will be in charge of this operation. First things first, you'll need a tour of the transport. If you want to be big and strong, "Training" is a must! Always be ready for your next assignment! Don't miss even a day to make sure you're at your best. Without decent equipment, you won't last long out there. You can find all the gear you own here in your "Locker". Feel free to unlock and take out anything you wish to use.

Milicola The Lord of Soda Hack Basics trucos

"Collections" allow you to improve the stats of all characters. Collect the necessary equipment to complete each collection and you will notice yourself becoming much stronger. Any decent mercenary will jump at the chance to earn extra rewards through "Challenges". From characters, to skins, to Gold, and to even Mana Dust, you can earn all sorts of rewards so make sure to give them a go! Now, our ghostly pale friend over there is the "Supply Officer". Isn't he a cutie? The supply officer will set you any equipment you need. Not all of them are cheap but he's happy to provide some free equipment and Gold once a day, so don't forget to come collect them. I know I never do! Last but not least in the "Ranking". Here you can see how you square up against your fellow mercenaries from across the world.Work hard and show them who's the best!

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Now I've finished showing you around the place...Let's get started on the mission! You have to be calm in times of crisis. Select weapon. Kill them all. I never told you the most important part about battling. You see that circle around you, don't you? That represents your " Auto-targeting Range". In order to shoot an enemy accurately, they must be in range. Try approaching a monster now. The monster is within auto-targeting range. If you fire now, you should hit them perfectly. Go for it! Congratulations! Your level has improved! When you gain a new level, you can use "Level Points" to improve your character. Tap the button now to try it out. Your current number of "Level Points" means taht you can increase your desired stat by 1.

Milicola The Lord of Soda Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. X-Tos Ammo - Ammo utilizing the explosive effect of combining cola and mint candies.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Milicola The Lord of Soda cheat code - give: epic chest, gold, pet, removal card, free boxes, skin, dragon package, upgrade job, health, damage, critical chance, control, range, equipment, premium weapon, legendary collection
3. You've unlocked a cute pet and a powerful piece of equipment. The supply officer is always waiting for you with a variety of even more equipment, pets and dragons on offer. It's time to start another operation. Your newly unlocked pen can be equipped and used immediately, but equipment con only be acquired by defeating monsters in battle. I look forward to seeing what you're capable of!
4. Purchased equipment will be unlocked and able to be acquired randomly during combat. Dragons and pets can be equipped immediately.
5. If you purchase equipment or skins that you already own, you will receive Mana Dust instead.

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Milicola The Lord of Soda Redeem code - premium gift box 28.07.2021

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