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Million Gods Game story

I am Undine, Elf of water. Thank you for helping us to save the world sunk in chaos, Oracle. I know what it would be an abrupt requies, but there is little time left for us, so let's start out now! Do you see the two areas on the map? The one below is the player's territory, while the one above is the enemy's territory. In each territory, there are positions. Positions are the bases that must be well protected. Those whose positions are destroy lost the battle.

Million Gods Hack Basics trucos

Every 8 seconds in a battle means a round. Magic power will be restored when each round starts. Magic power is used to deploy Towers, or summon apostles. An apostle summoned increases the restoring speed of magic power. The level of the restoring speed depends on each apostle. One thing to bear in mind: a skill by the apostle means an apostle of king level, which means a higher attacking power. But, when the king is summoned, the restoration of the Mana will instead deducted.

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Now, we shall start from the descent of God: Put the God with whome we just have the binding contract in the battle field so that he/she can offer us powerful support. If you can't decide where God should descend, that's okay. When the hint of invocation ends, the God will randomly descend at any location in the battle field. Now, let's give it a try. Now it's time check our corps! Tap on the Corps button. On this corps slide, you can edit your present divien towers, apostles and read their detailed information. Now let's edite Towers and the apostles your team will use.

Million Gods Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can only deploy the Tower and the apostle of specific fee in each column. You'd better keep that in mind. Remember that to engage in a battle, 12 Towers and 12 apostles must be deployed. Otherwise , it is impossible to have a battle.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Million Gods cheat code - give: summon, crystal, free shop, soul stone, gems, legendary units, refine, shards, materials, premium pack, activity points, speed up
3. Allow me to edit your team this time. After this time, you can freely arrange and adjust the composition of the your team.
4. The enemy afront have already got even stronger thab before. Now we must work on the defense fortification. While you're deploying the Towers, if you drag the same tower onto the same place, it will then the level of the Tower.
5. In the battle, the damage imposed by the Towers will contribute to the accumulation of the God's energy. Once the energy complitely refilled, an even more powerful God skill can be activated.
6. This is the announcement board for your missions and achievements. When you accomplish one of the items here, you shall get the reward. Your missions help accumulate Active degree. Once the degree reaches a specific amount, you can claim extra rewards.
7. When you win the battle, sometimes you're get "Soul Stone". Tap on the Shop button. Crystals are the products through natural quenching. They come with great magic power and can be used to summon apostles, Towers or Seal a binding contract with a God.

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