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Mini Empire Game story

You will face many challenges in this unknown World. Use strategies to grow big on this land, and become a legend that will remembered forever! Keep following the Guiding Tasks. It is one of the best ways to develop your City fast. My Lord, thank god! You're back! Look at these wicked intruders, ruining our land! Let's call our Commanders for help and kick them out of here! We will need more powerful Commanders to prepare for future challenges. Drag the Commander for a merge, and we will get a more powerful characters! With these heroes, we can eliminate the threats around us. Let's give them a lesson!

Mini Empire Hack Basics trucos

You've proved your mighty strength! But many stronger enemies are syill out there biding their time for an invasion. These enemies have Deities, Commanders, and troops to battle against us. We can dispatch our own to meet the challenge. Now, let's set up our team for a fight! Please select your Troops on the right side. 3 stars: Kill all enemies; Finish combat within 120s; More that 10% of Troops survive. Tap and drag to guide the Troops to this area. Drag the Troops to enemies and launch attack! The local troops also volunteered to join us. Let's welcome them in. Don't forget the loots and rewards we won from the battle. Claim them and save for our development. My Lord, we can also get valuable rewards by completing these tasks. Follow the tasks and claim the rewards often, and our City will thrive in no time!

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Tap the blank space to get back to the main interface. A safe city needs great power to protect itself. Keep your strength up with higher level of War Technology. The Cantonment is where to install all the troops. When your Troops finished training, they will station here waiting for orders. Here is your Troop Overview, which shows the overall information about your troops. You can check the details about your Total Troops, Hospital. Troops, and your Reserve Troops here. Mule Rider - In early warfare, mule riders play a supporting role in carrying supplies and even wounded soldiers. The troop will receive more damage from the ones they are weak against. Also, they will deal less damage the ones they are weak against. You can drag the Troop to arrange its place.

Mini Empire Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. A good combination of various Civilizations makes an efficient way to develop in a balanced pace.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Mini Empire cheat code - give: vip, resources, speed up, increase march size, premium troops, instant train, deity luck, peace shield, gold chest, keys, gems
3. A good strategy is the best way to gain advantage and achieve success.
4. You have build the Noble Hall. You can organize the recruited Commanders and summon powerful Deities to fight for you.
5. March Queue still has available space. You can train more Troops to dispatch. Troops that are injured in battles will be sent to the Hospital for treatment. Tap the healing bubble above the building to heal. Troops that are seriously wounded in battles will wait here to recover. Healing them will cost a certain amount of resources. Here displays the information about your Healing Queues.
6. With Commander Super-Merge, you can now easily merge the same-level Commanders at once, even when they're scattered all over the City! Building, Multi-Merge unlocks after Castle reaching Lv 9.

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