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Minute of Islands Game story

Four brothers: Safan, Bergan, Ande and Afla Bound by eternal purpose, and a girl named Mo. Mohas learned to sleep under the hissing tubes and the ever-humming chambers. The pumping cylinders give her comfort, the drumming of a job well done. Nothing startles her more than silence. There is no rest for the apprentice.

Use L + L to move Mo around and use B to interact with objects in the environment and inspect them. Climb up L. Explore the underground networks and investigate why the machines have fallen silent. Pick up B. You picked up the Omni Switch. Hold to draw the Omni Switch. It will always point to your next objective like a compass and will give you access to the machines of the giants. L + X Run. A Jump. L + A Climb Down. A + L Climb Up. B Crawl Through

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Mo has done so much around here. Repaired, and watched, and built. But in this deathly silence, she is once more taunted by the one thing she will never be able to do. Their engineering can be studied and replicated, but their strength, they selfishly keep. Despite all the wiring and the manufactured tubes, the engines are powered by physical force. But the kind that no mere human could ever muster. Safan... He was always the weakest of the four. He is struggling to breathe. Even Mo can taste the stale air in her mouth. It seems the ventilation system isn't working properly. But nothing does without the engine. Visit the observatory and make sure the other three brothers are still functioning.

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L + L Shimmy, A + L Let go. Without power, the observatory is not much use. Use the Omni Switch to re-route emergency power to the observatory. It hits Mo like a punch to the chest. It is all four of them. They all broke at the same time, failed at the same time. Something grave must have occured. But what? Inspect the surface to investigate what made the ventilation system shut down. Without the veil, the air is too toxic to breathe. And just as Mo feared the vents have all shut. The poison is kept out, but so is the oxygen. Safan is slowly suffocating and the other three may have it worse.

Minute of Islands Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Restore 3 air purifiers, located on the neighbouring island of Bewwa. A glimpse of the other islands not far from here. A fifty chair with her uncle's behind imprinted into it. Like Mo, these bottled messages never left these islands. Mo never has been interested in fishing. Sitting around. Doing nothing. Some parts of her uncle's extensive collection.
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3. The smel made it clear it died a long time ago. And now the spores are taking hold of whatever remains. A better fate than the fungus eating you alive. The ship needs a quick recharge.

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