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MIR4 Game story

Select class:
Warrior - A strong fighter who pulveries enemies by wielding a heavy greatsword as if it weighed nothing. Armed with sturdy armor and an unyielding will, this fighter always leads others in battle.
Sorcerer - Wielder of magic that destroys enemies with the power of the elements. Although very strong when fighting alone, she becomes even stronger when protected by allies.
Taoist - A truth seeker who helps others with her swordsmanship and spells. Her divine recovery skill enables her to overcome any difficulties in her path.
Lancer - A tyrant on the battlefield who suppresses enemies with his long spear. Armed with a variety of skills that attack and defend simultaneously, he breaks the enemy formation and kills his target at all costs.

MIR4 Hack Basics trucos

We must hurry. The demonic energy in the Valley is too powerful for Master and Big Brother Sangbaek. The Rock Fiend is already stirring. After all our efforts to prepare for this...What if we fall to rescue Princess Cheonpa? That won't happen. We'll rescue her and return to Peach Blossom Valley together. Let's go! The demons in the Valley are more powerful than expected and we're finding it tough to clear out the area. See the Air Walk button? Press it to make a Single Jump. Press the Air Walk button ance again during the Single Jump, to do the Double Jump! You have to jump over one more. Try the Air Walk on your own this time. The demonic energy is stronger than I thought. I can't maintain the spell for long. You must find Cheonpa and bring her back in two hours.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - DXR0TIE0J
level up code - 4iNsFq6hP
daily pack MIR4 cheat - enter pass 0RhcI0dCA
admin account - Ukc1Qiyz8
Month Card x1 - mQmPeBaSk
booster pack - l3T1SHc3I
evolve - jMKNIBR3r
enhance - dZOcFn4RU
If you die during the adventure, you will resurrect on the base city of the area. You can do Fast Travel by using Fast Travel Scrolls and Jump Scrolls. The Ultimate is entirely different from the skills you've learned. It's literally a deathblow with tremendous power. Hit the wooden dummy in front of you. To use the Ultimate, you have to gather vitality by making basic attacks. Your vitality is full. You can now use the Ultimate. Do you feel your vitality is depleted? You cannot use the Ultimate at any time, so wait for a key moment and use it wisely. As you know, just learning how to use skill isn't all there is to it. Remember that you must master the skill through training to wield its full power. So keep applying yourself. Go inside the training center and use the skill you've learned once again.

MIR4 Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. There are many dangerous monsters near Ginkgo Valley, but none of them have ever come this close. Move the Skill button up and down. This way, you can activate skills automatically. Open the settings. Here, you can control various automatic options. You can set how often you use skills in Auto-combat.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter MIR4 cheat code - give: Gold, copper, mileage, energy, darksteel, dragon jade, speed ups, ancient coins, clan coins, craft materials, forge, coupon, legendary equipment, bottoms, gloves, boots, necklace, bracelet, ring, weapon, magic stone, pets, enchant
3. You can craft higher-tier items by collecting lower-tier items. Select a weapon you want to make. Here, you can see what materials you need. Gather the materials and make your own weapon.
4. Equip Magic Stone to upgrade various stats. Magic Stones can be equipped and removed in the Character Magic Stone screen.

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