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Missing Heroes use cheats
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Game story

Battle begins automatically so let's just watch this time. Shirley is a reliable defender. She can fend off numerous attacks with her strong defense. Erika -she's an attacker. Her role is to eliminate enemies with her powerful attack skills. Skills will activate automatically when yellow line is full. Amazing, but we need more support if we want to fight stronger enemies. We must first set the new member in the team. Crews set in a team will engage in battle in the order if left to right. So strategically plan your order.

Missing Heroes Hack Basics trucos

You remember, right? The crews will enter the battle in the set order. Young is a supporter. His duty is to help allies or make life miserable for the enemies. He can quickly heal allies. THe rewards that get accumulated bottom increases as you clear more regions. The team menu is unlocked. Let's upgrade a crew. You need to start leveling up. You can get soul stones from various places.

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upgrade trucos - 1fqeBChz6
level up - WELwaiHrY
daily pack - enter pass l2zY2YvLi
admin account - whKwYbsa5
Month Card x1 - YhII3b2Ks
booster pack - n94fopy9Z
evolve - nL2rpz1dx
enhance - us5m6jcsy
Help the confused villagers become new Heroes! Feel the satisfaction as you watch their appearance change along with their growth! Impossible dungeons filled with powerful monsters! Only those who are able to overcome the trial can become a Hero! Quick level ups! Growth to match your preference! Make your own Hero with variety of growth paths!

Missing Heroes Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. This isn't enough. You need something more powerful. Go to the team menu. Tap on the auto equip button and optimum equipment will be equipped automatically.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Missing Heroes cheat code - give: game speed x10, materials, equipment, gold coins, diamonds, crystals, rune, artifact, legendary hero, promotion
3. Skills: perfect throw - throws a pack of medication that deals damage of 200% of MGC. ATK to enemy with high DEF. Then heals ally with low HP by 480% of MGC ATK. Defense Cordon - generates a defensive wall that provides a shield with 15% HP to nearby crews and herself for 6 seconds.

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