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magic device - use dwgGN21bz
off ads - Rdx9Sc7MV
secret combination - xs14DOgr7
guardian gacha - GIi3d9fhx
double rewards - 0KianVEKt
swordsman - AFZnyAK8u
sea crystals - 63CaaEK1H
weapons - xdr43DBq7
starter package - Lu1yxbbIi
admin panel - tiWlEFNGV
armor - R1RRcxowt
accessories - use nV3Xx6A9m
elements - wEgbaU9SI
stats - QYvML46TX

Mitrasphere use cheats
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Game story

A world where a massive sea blankets the skies, Mitrasphere. After losing your mother at a young age, and losing your father in Heaven's Ocean not too long ago...You crossed beyond the countless clouds, heading to Heaven's Ocean in your airship to fish the great sky-bound sea...All for the sake of protecting your life with your younger sister. But the very moment that you made your first catch, you were swallowed up by a violent current, and your ship capsized. As you consciousness fades, you see something glimmering gold, cradled in membranes - Massive dragon embryos.

Mitrasphere Hack Basics trucos

Enemies are coming, look out! Tap the skill icon to activate your command skill. There are various types of command skills. Select an attack skill to deal damage to the enemy. Once you use a command skill you won't be able to take any actions for a short while. When the skill icon light up, it can be used. Use a skill and you will automatically move within the formation.

enter cheat (Mitrasphere gift codes):
upgrade trucos - UW0E7CW1Z
level up - WuVx3rFyk
daily pack - enter pass gVO9GKk6X
admin account - 9XaKBXIXx
Month Card x1 - NhaL9Zl3S
booster pack - J5RWNfGh1
evolve - 2R3vvYsi4
enhance - Y28ygDCzW
When you're in the rear row, the damage you take is halved. Carefully time your usage of skills and move to the rear row! If you attack with a command skill that has an element advantage, the damage dealt is increased. You can specify your target by tapping. When there's a shield monster, your target will be forcibly changed (single unit commands only). Command skills have an effective range. You can check the effective range from the icon in the lower right of each skill. Tap the Dragonkin gauge when it's full to activate your dragonkin skill.

Mitrasphere Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can queue command skills in the order you tap them! While command skills are waiting or on cooldown, queu up to three command skills you wish to use. Queue skills to advance the battle with ease.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: magic device, guardian gacha, swordsman, sea crystals, weapons, armor, accessories, elements, stats
3. If there's a shield monster, your target will be forcibly changed to the shield monster when you use a single unit command skill.
4. Temporary effect extension - when affected by a weaker version of the same temporary effect, the duration of the current effect will be extended.
5. If you trun auto mode on, your command skill will be used automatically. You can still select target and queue command skill in auto mode.

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