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MoominValley Hidden & Found Game story

This is Moominvalley, the home of Moomintroll and his friends. Moomintroll reached out to you after hearing of your skill in finding hidden objects. And here you are! Moomintroll has come right out to meet you. It seems that the folks around these parts have lost all manner of valuable things and don't know what to do. According to Moomintroll... Those pesky Mymbleskids have gone and hidden all his favourite things. Let's make our way over to the Moominhouse.

MoominValley Hidden & Found Hack Basics trucos

Find 3 objects. Try to find the objects in the list below: Beach ball, Toy arrow, Globe. You found the first object no problem, but there are still others to find. The sun set before you could find what you're looking for. Moomintroll suddenly remembered that the Mymbleskids had gone into the woods to play. The screen can't show the entire location at once. Swipe your finger to move the screen. The next day, after hearing of your Success helping Moomintroll, Moominmama requested your assistance. Apparrently She misplaced something while rearranging the living room. How about lending her a hand in finding it? Find 5 objects: Barrell, Umbrella, Apple, Egg, Sandwich.

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To success you must find all the objects within 2 minutes. The clock icon at the bottom left of the screen is a Time extension. Use it when you're running out of time. It adds an extra 30 seconds to the clock. Got it? Well then, lets find some objects! Full-leaf clovers are given automatically to characters with a deep connection to a particular location. Each time a character receives a Four-leaf clover their relationship with you improves. Once you are friend they may start giving you presents.

MoominValley Hidden & Found Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Challengers: Daily, Weekly, Total. You have completed all of the daily challenges. Check again tomorrow. Daily challenges are reset every day at 00:00. You can receive rewards by completing challenges. First up, use a hint to complete the top challenge. When you don't know what to do, try completing challenges.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter MoominValley Hidden & Found cheat code - give: hearts, unlimited hints, premium status, items, materials, jewels, new location, vip mode, costume, pets, jewels, free shop
3. Tap the Requests button at the bottom right of the screen and collect the number and type of material each character wants.
4. Characters will begin wondering around the map once they reach a certain Friendship LV. At higher Friendships LVs, they may even give you useful items.

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