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Moonlight Sculptor Game story

I understand you're restless to get out there, but the basics will be the foundation for everything else you'll learn. And your patience and endurance will help you get there. Now do you see how important the basics are? You're a quick study, aren't you? Here's a little gift for you. It's a potion that increases your attack speed and movement speed. I'm sure it'll be helpful. Tap the bag to equip potions to the quick slot. Items equipped to quick slots are used automatically during Auto-Combat and immediately when tapped. You can view the currently applied buff. You can view a character's detailed buff history. Attack that scarecrow until your XP fills up. Come back to me when your level increases. You can automatically move to the next destination of quests in progress. The delicious dishes you can get with a Great Success are more filling and give you better buffs.

Moonlight Sculptor Hack Basics trucos

Here you go, a potion for a newcomer. You might not know this yet, Adventurer, but the land outside the castle is brimming with monsters. And we're short on hands to stop them. Which is why we're aiming to train more Suppression Team members. The notification button will show you what to do next. Tap the notification for a shortcut to the corresponding item's content. First select the Main Menu to view Achievements. You'll obtain a trophy every time you complete an achievement. Some achievements are divided into multiple steps, and you will earn a trophy for each step completed. Achievements in progress will be marked in Progress, and rewards will be given once they are completed. Outside of a village, you can hunt monsters to earn XP and loot accordingly. That's the basic growth loop you'll find on your adventure. When you become more skilled, you could apply to join the Suppression Team. In order to do so, you should experience how combat feels here.

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Use the skills you learn to get the most out of your asventure. Each village has a Residential District where adventurers can live. You can select a quest you want to proceed with to start combat automatically. Also, even if you're not on a quest, you can conveniently proceed with combat by presing the auto-combat button. Even if you don't see the HP of a Hedgehog, don't be surprised. you'll be able to see it once the monster's registered in your Codex. If you want to stop the battle, press the auto-combat button again at the bottom of the screen! You can choose whether to use the function by selecting the option's check box. The order of priority for each option can be changed by dragging it up or down. You can view the major locations of each region. Selecting a major location will enable you to move or teleport there. You can view the detailed info for each major location by scrolling. Quest members are shown on the map, and ou can select the number to move to the quest location. You can return to your own location regardless of which map you are viewing. Utilize maps on your adventures.

Moonlight Sculptor Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. As stat points are consumed, the stats you have invested in will increase. You can view a character's detailed stats. You get 1 stat point each time you level up. Raise the stats that best suit your character.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Moonlight Sculptor cheat code - give: stat points, keys, treasure chest, gold, elixirs, red butterflies, heroic weapon, legendary armor, sculptures, items, food, gear, title, avatar, Brilliant XP Increase, Limited Buddy Pack, Buff Discount
3. The Warrior is a melee class that wields two-handed weapons to deliver heavy strikes. There are strong monsters that won't be pushed back even when attacked with Knockback.
4. Golden Bonanza Event - Stack up on extra rewards for using keys to open Golden Treasure Chests for a limited time. Aim for the Tier 4 equipment!
5. Playtime Challenge - Stack up on daily rewards including Gold, Swiftness/Haste Elixirs, and eve Red Butterflies for certain minutes of playtime!
6. Starter Pack - Get all the essentials including Red Butterflies, Heroic Weapon, Rare Armor, Sculptures, and so much more!

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