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water - jh4Vy2N0I
pet - use anggo6ziB
instant - dCvs72LAp
increase trust level - use YjGXzFtwd
preparedness 100% - zNS0AQ3cW

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Game story

Ever since the plague, and the change of government, this town has been unbearable. Lifeless. Filled only with boredom, propaganda, and control. I have tried to escape and i've failed, this time. But i'll find a way. Tehy call me Mr. Prepper. "And we are back at your place of residence, citizens. For an attempted escape, we have confiscated your vehicle. This is standard procedure. Obviously, you are also prohibited from buying or registering a new one. The agency expresses hope that you will not attempt to leave Murrivaville again. From today onwards, you are also on probation. I will come for a brief inspection regularly to check for any subversive actions or items. This is standard procedure. I am sure you will comply and my visits will only be a formality. Bless the President."

Mr. Prepper Hack Basics trucos

Click LMB on any object to see what you can do with it. You are tired after your escape attempt. You deserve a nap. You are hungry - go eat something. Keep your preparedness high. It's your most valuable stat. If it drops to zero, you will faint. Stay well fed and well rested to keep it high. Check your new escape plan. First, build the room on bunker. You need to craft a ladder for your bunker. First, uncover your trusty workbench. You will need some metal and some wood. Start with buying & units of metal.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - pbIi633GO
level up - XsYqjUxN8
daily pack - enter pass G28qrgdbN
admin account - SbWM9Ojal
Month Card x1 - kSbtWU8I3
booster pack - OSMKmByid
evolve - 0YHl43Bpj
enhance - 2KFSg24cH
Your mutual trust level with neighbour - every time you level up your trust, you will get access to more and better offers. You may also unlock more traders this way via neighbour's recommendation. Use money - the basic means of payments in your beautiful country: an apocalyptic dollar. You need lamps for your bunker. You need glass to make them. Let's disassemble something at the workbench. Left ALT+ LMB to quick grab. Remember, you need to go to sleep before 3 am.

Mr. Prepper Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can learn new recipes by disassembling items. If you disassemble something from your house, you will always be able to reconstruct it.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: unlimited stamina, resources, money, off hungry, food, water, pet, increase storage, instant, increase trust level, preparedness 100%
3. The agent will come soon, you need to ride or grab suspicious items and open the door for him.
4. To make your basic underground farm you will need: room soil - can be crafted in the workbench. Seed bags - you may find some in your home. Seeds can also be bought in trade.

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