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tokens - use NRBq9T9fG
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purple gems - 4C2dNsFdZ

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My Arcade Empire Game story

It was the 1980's...Malls were all the rage. And the heart of the mall was the arcade. And the best players were heroes. All leach was the best of the best. But trouble was brewing... Kids these days are just about rock and roll, pizza, and video games. Breaking news - Mayor bans arcades. They should be going to church! And learning missile trajectory math in weekend detention! I'm banning arcades!

I'm going to teach you how to build an arcade! We can start our own game. They're already throwing arcade parts away. And...we'll make a craptillion tokens! Leech, your garage is perfect for our arcade! And I've already told everyone that we'll have the most cool-looking bombdiggity games! Step right up! Let the, um, bombdiggity games begin! Build Cereal Killers. We're nowhere near a CRAPTILLION tokens...

My Arcade Empire Hack Basics trucos

We gotta spend money to make money! The secret is all about getting more and more customers! Let's go make some moolah! Get 25 Customers for Cereal Killers. The more you spend the more you make! Spend, spend, spend to make, make, make! And that's how you win, win, win! Let's get the arcade rolling! Just keep tapping that +1 button to reach the goal of 25 Cereal Killers customers! Spend tokens to attract more customers. Customers will increase your profits! You just need to collect 500 tokens to have enough to build Pizza Time.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - tDT2Z4YNz
level up code - KXtMc6Vgs
daily pack My Arcade Empire cheat - enter pass ayjuKurd8
admin account - 96RVz6f0H
Month Card x1 - qMFNPNYfx
booster pack - ST9bbZ9nS
evolve - r2kDkiqpr
enhance - Zu11UU2GN
We're not even close to the bajillion craptillion tokens we need! We just gotta get more customers! Keep buying customers and collect tokens to make bank! The games takes a lot of power! We must have blown a circuit! We need to hire an electrician to rewire this whole place! If you shoot down the cereal, you can win some extra rewards! I love having an arcade, but it sure is slow getting new customers one at time. Luckily there's a way to buy multiple customers! You can switch between buying single or multiple customers with the x1 and MAX button in the bottom right! We still owe the electrician! We should diversify and extend our product offering.

My Arcade Empire Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Jo will keep working...even when you are away from the game! Now THAT'S radical! Automate - Earn Tokens even when you aren't playing! When a game is automated, tokens will be collected even when you are away.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter My Arcade Empire cheat code - give: tokens, customer, game speed x10, auto clicker, pizza, offline rewards, premium manager, gold card pack, legendary character, automate, purple gems
3. Strange things are afoot at the garage arcade - the collection boxes are jammed with tokens! Maybe we can get someone else to collect these tokens. You CAN ride your skateboard...inside the arcade while collecting the tokens.
4. Use your tokens to get more customers! Spend, spend, spend! That's how you win, win

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My Arcade Empire Redeem code - premium gift box 18.08.2021

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