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decorations - use TBzbChC3Q
off ads - 3uDVOGPDt
secret combination - pevBfWt6G
service - MgZXjsVnV
double rewards - PyzwlgKsv
factory - ksiuagn4R
card - nG9E9RQRl
stash - 84z939O38
My Little Paradise hack starter package - e738IRLrQ
admin panel - 0scwyoBW4
event collection - hshzSfk2w
speed up - enter jreMPqqmd
blue gem - 4VCEQ7DGV
hourglass - use OHJX3G2u2
guests - use Qm4Mu5Sb0
gold - MnqfpAu00
friends - enter nNDiIAZ5j
starter pack - RP8F6k6by
fairyland - enter Y67swgQva
dreamland - YVBbp5gth
blue gem tree - SgAqRobEF
tokens - enter Yjtkz3uPw
auto clicker - kJkvuqhSV
offline reward - use nrGtqgdmA
manager - use fgtGGoCyK

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My Little Paradise Game story

I manage a beautiful island resort with your uncle. Your uncle left me your contact before leaving to find a new island last week. Many guests are expected to come soon, but we are extremely short-handed. I'd like to formally invite you to turn the island into a magnificent resort. The guest on the Launger requested a Banana. We can make Gold if we sell Bananas. Uncle Gerold might have it prepared. Well, let's place an order, nonetheless! Please tap the facility. You can order simple materials from here! Please tap the Order button. All you have to do is wait! But...Time is precious. Let's finf another way. Use Blue Gems and you won't have to wait! Use some now since we don't have time.

My Little Paradise Hack Basics trucos

Please tap the product that has been ordered. Now all you need to do is to sell it...But if you wish to provide quality service, keep ordering products in advance. Let's order now before selling the banana to a guest. Gather more Gold and decorate the place however you want to make your resort the best there is! Try selling products to guests. You have been tipped by a guest! Tap the item to get it. You can sometimes receive Tips if you sell Products to guests. Sell products to guests - You can sometimes get Tips - Purchadse a Decoration Facility. The higher your Decoration Level the more Guests you'll have. Install a Decoration Facility - Your Decoration Level will increase - More guests will visit you.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - SKE0McbjA
level up code - Vo2RR1rvP
daily pack My Little Paradise cheat - enter pass 4PmBlU0LJ
admin account - x7q8WkvpW
Month Card x1 - 5LoP40lsV
booster pack - JaV1YkfLD
evolve - ddpjyUP9Y
enhance - k0FefMe6l
Not many guests at the moment, but it will definitely grow! We are short on bananas. Can you order some from the market? You still remember how to place an order, don't you? Bananas are all I have for sale now, although there will be expensive merchandise in stock later. Level up to make your resort a better place. Sell to guests - Get XP - Level will be increased. I never expected to have this many guests. Please built more Loungers for them. Decoration Level up! A place where there's a comfortable Lounger. Now that you've place a Lounger, how about getting more Parasols? They're cheap, so there's nothing to worry about. You can build even better factories! Might be because we only sell Bananas. We should start making other products to sell. Factories these days don't need manpower. Products will be manufactured by pressing a button. So just wait a while.

My Little Paradise Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Making juice is very easy! You can do it with a somple button press.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter My Little Paradise cheat code - give: decorations, service, factory, card, stash, event collection, speed up, blue gem, hourglass, guests, gold, friends, fairyland, dreamland, blue gem tree, tokens, auto clicker, offline reward, manager
3. Try to complete Club missions with your Club members. You will receive various Rewards!
4. You can fire fireworks and boost your resort efficiency.
5. You can order more products from the Industrial Goods Market! You will be able to order meat products from the Livestock Market. Go ahead and increase the level!
6. Would you like to build more factories? By leveling up, you can build additional factories. You may not install it any further. Get XP - Level up increased - Install additional factories.
7. You will be able to purchase expensive products if you collect more gold. Go ahead and build a Brunch Factory.
8. I hope you can make yours as great as mine one day. I can't let my guests leave empty handed. Tap the factory where you can find the products you want. I will give you a gift since you paid me a visit. You can get a product for free every day, so feel free to come by. There are lots of friends nearby who run resorts. You will be able to claim more products once you get to know them. I shouldn't take any more of your time.

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