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Game story

Great to have you here. Our zoo is in urgent need of money. Do you see the cards in the card bat below? select the 'grassland enclosure' and place the enclosure in your zoo. Move the enclosure to where you would like to have it, and then confirm with the checkmark. As you can see, you now have a beautiful enclosure in your zoo and the card has disappeared from your card bar. Now choose the 'sheep' card from the card bar to put it into an enclosure. You may place it in an empty enclosure or in one that already holds animals of the same kind.

MyFreeZoo Hack Basics trucos

The animal will love it here! Now place the remaining animals, too. If there is no more space left in the enclosure, you'll need to build them a new one! A promising start! But we need more enclosures and animals. Click on the shop please. In the shop - you'll find everything you need for your zoon: animals, enclosures, shops, decorations and much, much more. Select the enclosures tab. There are all sorts of enclosures. For now, two small grassland enclosures will do. Select them below and click on buy.

enter cheat (MyFreeZoo gift codes):
upgrade trucos - vxGJ6HTBK
level up - yRuQ8IObl
daily pack - enter pass dpkEn45RT
admin account - MVwgwNZbH
Month Card x1 - 03LkbGffV
booster pack - RvB7HOGpm
evolve - 8KD5dcdQ6
enhance - QSbSV7Je0
Animals tab - in this tab, you'll find all the animals that are comfortable in a grassland enclosure. Your visitors want to see lots of different animals. SO let's buy two goats as well. The card bar shows you everything you bought in the shop. But enclosures and animals won't attract visitors until you have placed them in your zoo. The more animals we have, the more visitors will come. Let's wait a little bit - we should have three playing customers in the zoo in no time.

MyFreeZoo Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. We'll need to expand the zoo and make it more beautiful to attract more visitors. Buildings can be found under 'shops and special places'.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter MyFreeZoo cheat code - give: diamonds, premium animal, booster pack, speed up, auto clicker, legendary card, money, visitors, multiplayer mode
3. The admission fees your visitors pay can be collected at the zoo's entrance every once in a while. Why not have a look and see how much you have earned so far?
4. Every once in a while, small tasks will appear that grant you additional experience points.

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