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Mystic Tribes Game story

Here once a land of happiness and peace. Follow the guidance of the ancients. Priests with "Elemental power" led the tribes to achieve prosperity. And the peace of all... Was destroyed by the bashers. Bashes used the power of darkness to control the tribes, Death and chaos spread across the continent. At the decisive moment, the ancients once again isuued guidance: "Summon the brave to rescue the secret continent."

Summoning Totem - Traveller, Welcome to the Secret Realm! Let me show you the realm! This is summoning totem where you can summon powerful heroes. Basic summon are more likely to summon out regular heroes (1-5 stars), consumes Common Prayer Scroll. Allright, let's try it out, it's free this time. Heroic summons could summon out heroes at higher quality (3-5 stars), Heroic Summons consumes Rare Prayer Scrolls. Give it a go, its also free this time. Cool, now you're familiar with recruiting heroes, we're introducing the Adventure next, go check it out.

Mystic Tribes Hack Basics trucos

Passing by this adventure, you'll hit the battlefield. Time to get some stretch and win some battles. When there are a specified number of heroes of the same faction in the team, the corresponding faction aura bonus can be obtained. First, select the heroes ought to join the battle. All set, lets start the battle! Heroes will gain energy when he attacks/being attacked, an active skill will be casted as the energy of hero is full. Besides summoning, you can also get heroes by combining hero shards, now lets take a look at how its done.

enter Mystic Tribes gift pass:
upgrade trucos - tomIt9FHY
level up code - 8nFrWTzyV
daily pack cheat - enter pass VG3SsaobQ
admin account - IjXpnTDmV
Month Card x1 - O24V0XwLf
booster pack - CwLgs6owE
evolve - vqlM3qKzC
enhance - W53v50o5x
Collect enough shards to summon the selected hero, please click on the hero's icon. The adventure would be impossible without powerful heroes, lets power up your heroes up next. Spare heroes could be decomposed into spirit stones, spirit stones are essential materials used to level-up yiur heroes. Please select the hero you'd like to decompose. Not bad, now lets go upgrade the hero. Click here to upgrade the hero as theres enough hero exp. Great, now upgrade the hero once again! Good work, lets do it again! Your heroes are pumped! Lets do it one more time! Awesome, now lets gear your heroes up.

Mystic Tribes Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Lets start a new battle. Click on the hero's avatar to select the hero joining the battle. More idle rewards are available, click to claim them. Well done! Remember to claim the idle rewards on time, the rewards will stack as time goes by.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Mystic Tribes cheat code - give: shards, mythical summon, heroic scroll, friendship points, gold coins, star up, legendary equipment, weapon, gems, rune, artifact, materials
3. Marketplace has opened! Where you can find all kinds of rare treasures! Lucku you, such a surprise that theres Heroic Summon Scroll for sale. Please click to buy them Heroic summon scrolls could be used for heroic summons, give it a go! Don't forget to power-up your heroes as much as possible my brave friend!
4. After passing the designated level, click gift to recieve additional rewards. Don't forget!
5. Long press to upgrade, you can continuously upgrade the level. During the event, accumulate points to get rewards.

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