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silver - use snYK3Zdz2
off ads - svGhciovl
secret combination - xbDyne9EZ
legendary equipment - rahZTMy8o
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stardust - enter tvQ934Pgf
divination - uVFAGzH0J
jackpot - unFL7sDVs
treasure chest - 0QEK0o3lg

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Mytale Game story

Warrior - Armed with peerless might and a greatsword. they always lead the charge against foes on the battlefield. Knight - The guardian of your party with high defense and maneurability, using sword and shield. Mage - Their staffs can dish out tremendous area damage. Aided with a good position and ample mana, they can take out opponents with ease. Ranger - Known for their agility and marksmanship, they excel at landing critical blows from a distance. Bard - They pick a solemn melody and provide unparalleled healing.

Mytale Hack Basics trucos

What is the magic blast that caused the loss of memory? What a low magic resistance, you're not a Familiar for sure. Hmm... how about I cast a reverse summoning to send you back? Ha-ha, it seems I have ran out of materials. Would you run and errand for me? Follow this shopping list. Everythings on me! Six Chord - Surround yourself with 6 music fairies. Each fairy targets and attacks 1 random enemy in front of you. If the notes hit the same target in quick succession, reduce the damage to 50%. Deals half damage to players and their parties. Sandstorm - Flaps the wings vigorously and attacks the enemies in front of the owner with a sand assault, dealing up to 300% owner ATK DMG and sending flying. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - 1tj1SNHmO
level up code - qs8HywsKH
daily pack Mytale cheat - enter pass DxSb58bCm
admin account - uR0g18ojT
Month Card x1 - KwxF8Njub
booster pack - t9IQrnjk0
evolve - BwDRuNx9M
enhance - S3pZc9c3F
Delaying your turn - The Ranger could move forward, but this would get him shot by the orc in overwatch. Too dangerous. Time to talk about the ability to delay your turn. If a character has not used any action points, they can delay their turn to play at the end of the round. They will act at their normal initiative the following turn. It's a useful ability when you'd like to let another character, friend or foe, act before you do. Place the bomb where you want it to explode. Tap and detonate it. If you're too close to the bomb, there's a chance that bad luck will come to you.

Mytale Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Tap Preview Evolution to view its effect. After evolution, the pet has grown rapidly. Evolution required other pets.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Mytale cheat code - give: silver, legendary equipment, weapon, exclusive outfit, premium pet, gold, essence, evolution, fashion, sets, stardust, divination, jackpot, treasure chest
3. Require 3 3-star Wind pets. When a pet is selected, the materials used for upgrading this pet is refunded. Tap the Awekening.
4. Pet talents and skills are not affected by formation conv.rate.
5. Hold and Drug the pet portrait into the formation.
6. Starstones are used to raise equipment star level.
7. Technologies are grouped into four categories and can be upgrated as you like. Studying technology can quickly enhance your strength. Let's start with Military Tech!

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Mytale Redeem code - premium gift box 14.08.2021

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