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N752 The Way To Freedom Game story

I finally left psychiatry and now I'm exhausted, Dr. Nail tried to kill me, he's definitely involved in all of this! Now I am in the sewers of the island...the ward guard before he died wrote that there was an exit through the sewers of the island...I must find it! The darkness of this place envelops me and enters me, I have a sense of nausea, and the fear of not making it. The anguish has taken over and I feel the strength fail within me! I have been wandering in this damned place for days now and what little strength I have left is due to the strong desire to hug my wife and daughter again... and tell them how much I love them! This game contains scenes of explit violence and gore. This game is based on fiction. Any similarity to real people, places abd events are purely coincidental. Play indoors, and with headphones, to improve the gaming experience!!! Now we are going to do a short tutorial to learn hte basics of this game and be ready in this nightmare. I really want to hug my family again, I hope you will help me to get out of this place alive!

N752 The Way To Freedom Hack Basics trucos

Enemies - Each inmate who has been subjected to experiments has different behaviors. There are inmates who are very quick, others who are stronger and others who will spot you better.
- Use the lockers, tables, beds or makeshift shelters to hide!
- Do not make noise in their vicinity!
- You can defend yourself or escape!

Crowbar - Use the crowbar to defend yourself from the blows of some inmates, your energy will decrease significantly. You can use the crowbar to break bricks, boards and kill rats.

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To Rest - Use the benches, chairs or sofas to rest and recover energy. In some too dangerous areas, it will not be possible to rest.

Energy - When the energy icon flashes in the health panel, it means your energy is low! When the energy is low you will be limited in certain actions such as: running, using the crowbar or breaking down a door. Your enegry consumption varies a lot based on your actions, if your energy drops below 10% some actions are limited!

Hunger - Hunger begins to be felt, my strength is falling!When the hunger icon flashes, it indicates that you are hungry and neet to eat! You can feel on leftovers you will find lying around or use energy supplements. If you are too hungry your energy will drop faster! Keep the hunger bar at least 30%.

N752 The Way To Freedom Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Info - This is the control panel, never stop keeping an eye on it!
- You will find documents, maps and more in this panel.
- Keep you updated on the state of your health.
- The objects you find in the game are kept.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter N752 The Way To Freedom cheat code - give: energy, off hunger, restore health, keys, items, premium content, multiplayer mode, weapon, version 2.0
3. Health Panel - Percentage of general health. When it flashes, it indicates that:
- something is wrong.
- you are running out of energy.
- you have blood loss.
- you are infected. Medicine to increase the speed of running.
- you are hungry.
You can open your health panel where you will find medical kits, supplement and more. When you are injured, infected or loose blood, open the panel to heal yourself!
4. You found a Bolt Cutter, you can use it to open the Padlocks and more! Use the USB stick to save your progress on computers. Energy supplement to restore energy. If the hunger bar is low, energy will be consumed more quickly.
5. Medkit:
- You can use it for a quick cure.
- Heals health 100% but does not stop blood loss.
- You can also use it from the quick inventory, being a quick cure.

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