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The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk Game story

A tavern song narrating the perilous peregrinations of an adventuring party not quite like the others. The basic difficulty upon which the others are built. For those who enjoy tactical RPGs for their first playthrough, or for begginers looking for a tactical challenge.

A gripping tale where the story is prioritized over challenge. Best for players who want to experience the story. Battles are more manageable to those with no experience of tactical RPGs.
- Heroes have more health, do more damage and are more accurate.
- Enemies have slightly less health and are less accurate.
- Heroes begin the adventure with a generous stock of resources (gold).

An epic gest, where danger is around. Every step forward be a victory. For the tactical RPG aficionados looking for a real challenge or who have already finished the game.
- Enemies have more health, do more damage and are slightly more accurate.
- Heroes have less resources at the beggining of the game ( gold, potions).

A nightmarish legendary experience, only for the tactical RPG experts who know the game inside out and wait to achieve the unthinkable. Recommended for the deranged, the masochists, players who are looking for an outstanding challenge where any mistake can be fatal.
- Enemies have a lot more health, do a lot more damage and are.

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk Hack Basics trucos

Advanced Options:
The tutorial teaches you the basics of the game and is not effected by the difficulty setting. Activating the tutorial is strongly recommended if you play this game for the first time.

Assign attributes automatically - With this option toggled on, your characters' attribute points are allocated automatically. Each character will progress in their most central attributes. Not recommended for expert players.

Iron man - In Iron man mode, you can have only one save and cannot change difficulty levels once the game has begin. If all your party dies, it's game over and your save will be deleted.

Narrator gender - Determines the gender of the narrator who entervenes throughout your adventure.

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Moving the party around is easy, just use "l" "l". You can swap the leader with ZL and ZR. Find the members of your party. Every character has two action points. They can perform an action and move once per turn. They can also move further by using both action points, sacrificing their action: this is sprinting. Order is not a problem: this means you can move then attack, or the opposite. To do this, just press R to switch frommovement to attack selection and vice versa. Be careful, as some actions will end your turn even if your character still has two action points.

Movement in combat - Move the Ranger on one of the three tiles behind him with "L". Orientation - As you can see with enemy, the orientation of the characters is important. Backstabbing gives higher Precision and will do more damage. Orient yourself towards the orc with "L" to backstab him. Press R and select the melee attack with L. Here are the details of your Precision. This is very important. As you can see, you have a "Positioning" bonus because you're standing behind the enemy. However, if your attack succeeds, your enemy may still dodge or parry your blow! It's not just about having high Precision. Attack the orc with A and kick his ass!

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Raising Courage not only gives you a better initiative ranking, but also improves magical resistance and the amount of astral energy gained every turn.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk cheat code - give: artifact, weapons, legendary hero, rune, jewels, gold coins, increase attribute, promotion, materials, gear, gems
3. Weakness: The orc is weakened! This means he is less efficient now that he's all banged up. His Precision, physical resistance and magical resistance are worse. There are three weakness thresholds, depending on the character's health. If a character's health bar changes color, this means they're weakened.
4. Afflictions - This panel also allows you to see the detailed afflictions which affect the character. Here, it's a penalty of -1 to movement (MOV) for a duration of 2 turns (2t).
5. End of combat - Now, finish off the orc by pressing R again, then selecting the melee attack with A. At the end of combat, all characters gain some experience. They gain a baseline share just for having participated to the combat, and a varying amount depending on their actions for their luck). A character who goes Unconscious during combat will suffer a small penalty to their experience gain.
6. Healing after battle - The Ranger has lost some health points. Heal him by using the party heal button with L. Health does not regenerate between battles, so you'll have to make sure to heal your wounds after combat.
7. The planning Phase - During the planning phase, you can deploy your characters before combat starts. You can position your characters in the highlighted area. Movement doesn't cost action points during the planning phase, so you can take as long as you want to strategize.
8. Hiding behind half-cover will not fully protect you from ranged attacks, but the attacker will suffer a 25% penalty to Precision when attacking you. Position him on one of the highlighted tiles, so that he's protected from ranged atatcks and can sneak up to his orc.
9. Initiative is ranked depending on the characters' courage. If their courage is equivalent, the higher agility is prioritized, than the level of the characters. If their levels are the same...Then it's up to chance!

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