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Nano Legends hack cheat code List

off ad - use hack VaSfI2VAQ
daily pack - enter pass 2EAVmGHx5
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stamina - 4lbDC3Dtt
booster pack - JkgEznBYF
gems - a9TTKrJmq
Month Card x1 - qRtb3RpqL
legendary cards - Hxx9hbFhR
daily gift bag x10 - v0oLFGlOb
restore health - ZflE6qgkr
shield - ffPqnIyWR
treasure chest - BNoksfcJp
upgrade - Gs7tSf1oV
level up - fbiqTqFtq
premium account - Y7aNbqfgy
vip status - F4F16RDbl

Nano Legends use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

I work for Aillai, the great wizard and owner of this shop. From the surprise on your face i guess this is your first visit. Just so you know, the two fellas you just saw are called "champions". They are soul like beings, born from the rarest antiques. They are the ones that make our shop so exciting. Don't run away! You 're not in any danger here! "Nanos" are miniature souls born from antiques, and this is their base. It's actually pretty famous. General Ortto has requested "Giga assistance". He's beyond these towers. Let's destroy them and get to him! Oh, right! Around here, humans who help Nanos are called "Gigas". And it looks like you're about to become a giga yourself.

Nano Legends Hack Basics

These little units are called "troopers" They're really valuable in nano battles. The "meteor strike" you just used is called a 'miracle'. It's like easy magic that can be used by Gigas like you. Let's take down the enemy base! Destroy the remaining towers. Destroying the enemy base means victory. On the other hand, if our base is taken down, we're the ones who lose. Protect your base and destroy the enemy's! That's the basic rule of Nano battles. Touch the champion, and send to battle. Unlike troopers, champions cna use special skills. Your champion's health is low. Use "rest" so your champion can recover. When your champion is in danger, don't forget to use 'pick-up' to get them to safety.

Hint & Tips

1.Champions, troopers and miracles need to be used efficiently. Playing Duel will help you earn cards easily.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: off ad, gold, stamina, gems, legendary cards, restore health, shield, premium account, vip status
3. The "team settings" menu - here, you can set your battle team. You can also level up your Nanos.

Nano Legends Hack tools Version:


Nano Legends Redeem code - premium gift box

1. tefXOfoYgLBTctI
2. noPOHGcF5uFTtUg
3. zTjyTXrPAaMaBdO
4. mZb8rdBXP3TQY9I
5. 3WIGkEeU5EIuGWm
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