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resources - kUlXREzLb
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draw ticket - qYfBkYnhJ
cash - vW1PYm62Y
admin panel - GNjFIqpun
speed up - PCguJ8ax5
vip pass - use xQdrUDQfJ
evolve - 8E1khqqOF
rank up - yZOXcbBgY

NBA Ball Stars use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

I'll be showing you around. Good news, i have always dreamed of managing this franchise. Bad news, we exceeded the salary cap last season so we're in a rebuild, but i know you can turn this team into playoff centenders, into champions. Your short percentage - tap gems to increase your percentage. Your move counter - you get 4 moves per phase until your player automatically shoots. The bigger the cluster of ems you tap, the bigger percentage increase you'll receive. keep tapping gems and go for 100%. Now it's the defense phase. This works the same as offense phase, except now you're trying to lower the opponent's shot percentage. To increase or decrease shot percentage faster, we can create power gems. These clear lots of gems at once.

NBA Ball Stars Hack Basics trucos

Tap gems in clusters of 6 to make a row clear gem. tap the row clear gem to activate it. There are many different types of power gems available, so look out for different sizes of gem clusters. D. Jordan has been added to your lineup. He's a rugged player, so collect purple gems when it's hit turn. Keep playing a few rounds of offense and defense until you score 6 points. Try to create and activate power gems whenever you can. Each player has a special skill. Tap gems tat match the player's color to charge their skill.

enter cheat (NBA Ball Stars gift codes):
upgrade trucos - RaCvsrgLk
level up - gEMKAyHd7
daily pack - enter pass X4gASkVhd
admin account - 9zatiDHKK
Month Card x1 - fGc6KH87O
booster pack - CJOoxf0ey
evolve - XhhGi7S30
enhance - py9TTbMW7
DeRozan's skill also breaks power gems on the board. Each player's skill has a different effect. Knowing when to use each one is key. You'll need blocks as well as buckets to get the win, so use skills when they're ready. Play a few more rounds until you've used each character's skill. Gordon has been added into the rotation as well. He's an agile player. Tap gems that match your player's colors to charge their skills. Being a GM isn't just about what happens on the court. You aslo need to manage recruitment and player development.

NBA Ball Stars Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If we want to be serious contenders this season we're going to need a superstar. Let's recruit a player in the premium players draft. This first one is on us, so you can keep your finances in check.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: premium players, offres, resources, shards, draw ticket, cash, speed up, vip pass, admin panel, evolve, rank up
3. Assign your new players to a formation. On this screen, you can swap out players and set up new formations. Let's assign Chris and Pascal to the big man formation.
4. Players can only play where their role matches the slot. Chris paul is a point guard (PG), so he can only play in PG slots.
5. For each gam, you'll play at the end of the 4th quarter, when it really matters. The scores going into the 4th quarter are determined by your team OVR us the opponent's OVR.

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