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NBA Clash Game story

To play a player, drag a card onto the court. Once active, they play Offence automatically. Cards cost Energy to play It refills over time. Players play defense automatically. They move and guard opposing units. Characters lose Stamina while active. When it runs out, they leave the court. Your player has low Stamina! Play another player to receive a pass and score! Gear Bags give rewards. Let's open your first Gear Bag! Let's see the Cards you just earned. Visit the Deck menu. The deck menu let's you view Cards and edit your Decks. Tap on a card to view its info. The card info menu shows a card's info. Let's upgrade this card

NBA Clash Hack Basics trucos

You can change your team at any time by tapping on the tam icon in the Main Menu. Now that you've got improved cards, let's learn advanced gameplay. Matches start with a Tip-off. Drag a player into the Tip-off zone to have them tip. The tip-off winner tips the ball to a teammate. Play another player to grab the tipped ball. Your team is having trouble scoring. Add a player to get the man advantage.

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Court zones let you call plays when playing players. Drag a player into this shoot 2 zone for a quick shot. Your opponent just played a player with an Ability that drained your player's Stamina! Every player has an ability that triggers at different times to affect the match in different ways.

NBA Clash Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Your player is about to become Exhausted. Play someone near him whose Ability can restore Stamina! Use what you've learned and win the match! Look for opportunities to use Court Zones and Abilities.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter NBA Clash cheat code - give: coins, shards, premium deck, legendary card, customization, average energy, unlimited stamina, king bag, speed up, chest slot
3. How to play: place players with energy. Place in zones for quick plays. Players leave when their stamina is empty.
4. Drain team on score - after this player scores, all opposing players lose 100 stamina.
5. Training complete! Now that you've mastered advanced gameplay, you're ready to take on the world!

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