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credits - use hack LmlSf12jA
daily pack - enter pass Z3za0TgQd
foundation pack - LwFU4VCdU
speed up - sKT74K8nz
booster pack - O6bHmOhNb
legendary card - 7KgFdnmPn
Month Card x1 - epKyQeZHg
upgrade - f40QNnTeO
daily gift bag x10 - 9rnvZsBlj
secret combination code - vhy1SK1QH
featured pack, - UcFEvpuOp
tickets - jw7VXH7om
level up - TXtiBHSTB
premium deck - sLHsCe2wh
evolve - 429kggvDH

NBA SuperCard All Star Battle use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

We've been waiting for someone like you to come along. Collect your favorite players, train them up, and unleash them onto the court. Here's how this works. Pick card from your bench, to send it to the court. Next up's a womens 1v1 match. Time for a mens 2v2 match, Pick 2 cards from the bench. In 2v2 matches, teammates with compatible alignments receive a stat increase. If the alignment arrows are different colors their stats will be decreased.

NBA SuperCard All Star Battle Hack Basics

Nice job! Now let's pull some cards off the draft board. Pulling a powerful card resets the draft board. Now it's been refilled so you can make your last pick. If you want to be the best in the business, you'll have to make a name for yourself. The pack store is a great way to get cards for your collection. You'll need credits to get packs from this store. Super card - try this one! It has a high chance of containing a player from your favorite team. Now it's time to put those cards to use.

Hint & Tips

1. Let me show you how to make your cards stronger. Deck - from here, you can view and improve all your players. To train your unit, select another card for it to absorb. Characters get stronger when they level up, so remember to train them often.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: credits, foundation pack, legendary card, featured pack, tickets, speed up, level up, premium deck, evolve
3. Your profile - check your progress and customize your stuff.

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NBA SuperCard All Star Battle Redeem code - premium gift box

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