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favour - use HB3n7J6Cr
artifact - mEfS2MKrp
secret combination - ZKvpGMbgO
weapons - 1cGk5ww5Q
double rewards - h9jCU5QpL
armor - vbdjBoIKJ
unlock characters - tDR8Y9kMP
crystals - xiedpJB4x
premium pack - sxKQRBlu8
treasure chest - v0hZyXLZo
admin panel - VIUNYmnSg
restore HP - Glxv4kQDg
stamina - OAHqFTnKz
runel - d4nVk9xYq
gems - dn0pSNAMz
gold - iH93Xe7mI
crystal - e3mAKaQSx
materials - x04KN9tJH

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Game story

Neocromunda - an industrial hell world. Vast hive cities spear up through the clouds, sheltering their workers from the toxic atmosphere of the planet's surface. At the tip of the hive spire are the ruling elite. Most of the population live a life of drudgery and indentured servitude bound to a clan dominated manufactorum zone. True freedom can only be found below a hives functioning levels. This is the underhive - a lawless honeycomb of ancient domes, tunnels, and runs from necromunda's long dead past. Where the multitude of discontented, dispossessed outcasts seek to make a new life, away from the shackles of guild and clan. Battling for fame, fortune and survival. I am the chief chronicler of he underhive, which discontented, disinherited, outcasts shall we follow? Pick a faction to play and select.

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Escher - skill focus: agility and combat weapon focus: slug and chem. The little and agile Escher are made up almost entirely of women. The few males are shrivelled and imbecilic, perhaps as the result of a genetic flaw within the house bloodline a price for their mastery of alchemical technologies and dangerous poisons.
Orlock - skill focus: ferocity and savant weapon focus: slug and mech. Known throughout Necromundla as the 'house of iron', an industrial superpower fuelled by countless ore mines and a stranglehold monopoly of the convoys serving the ferrous slagheaps that lie out in the Ash wastes.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Jloyi53gS
level up - AW02ywUWj
daily pack - enter pass j12dLcFu2
admin account - AunOt3U17
Month Card x1 - AunOt3U17
booster pack - iSNXhK759
evolve - TGmMNoSz0
enhance - lEnwhJMrb
Goliaths - skill focus: brawn and ferocity weapon focus: primitive and mech. Goliath gangers are hulking brutes, each a pillar of muscle and pent-up violence ready to be unleashed. Gene smithed with stimm elixer for a punishing life in the foundries and regineries, it is difficult to ignore the air of brutality which Goliaths wear like a mantle.
Van Saar - skill focus: shooting and savant weapon focus: las and power. Reputed to be a serious minded and humourless people, with a deeply ingrained sense of order. Without their protective suits to sustain them Van Saars quickly sicken, and it is the ost bitter of jets that although they make and carry the very finest equipment, its source is slowly killing them.

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1. Gangs start small, armed only with fists and a few weapons scavenged from up hive. The run turf map shows your territory and the gangers allotted to the task at each location only patrol is currently available. The first thing a new gangs needs to do is clear out an area and establish a hideout.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: favour, artifact, weapons, armor, unlock characters, premium pack, treasure chest, stamina, restore HP, rune, gems, gold, crystal, materials
3. Below the twilight levels far from natural light the concept of days are forgotten leaving only cycles of activity and sleep.
4. The more powerful squad you send the quicker your reputation rises.

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