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money - use GJOgCf0dR

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NeighborMood Game story

Meet Ali - Senior at Wayde City High. Against all odds, Ali has made the starting lineup for today's soccer game! Can Ali live up to the expectations and help the team defeat their bitter rivals? Welcome to Wayde City! This is Ali, a highschool senior who loves soccer. You're now in control of Ali's life. What will Ali do? It's up to you! Pinch to zoom. Slide to move camera. Drag to move around the city. Pinch to zoom in and out. Press the button at the bottom to re-center on your location. Move the camera and then press the re-center button.

NeighborMood Hack Basics trucos

Great! Now let's get on with Ali's life. Open the To-doo! app on your phone to see what's planned. Check back often in case you forget what your next task is. Remember, you won't be able to do everything. The value of the things given up or opportunities passed up is called opportunity cast! Double-tap to set waypoint Terms are everywhere in this game. Pay attention to them! Your decision is causing a mood change. Mood may go up or down depending on what you do. Your mood is going up because of the new job! Swipe th ehappy emojis to collect them/ Also, check out the mood bar at the top of the screen. Mood entires show what exactly is affecting your mood. The expiry time shows how long each effect will lasts. Tap the dropdown arrow on the next screen.

enter NeighborMood gift pass:
upgrade trucos - fBy4gHP2A
level up code - qIAoryRpE
daily pack cheat - enter pass afu0jJJ8G
admin account - SKVkN0WVL
Month Card x1 - vMY5ztCRW
booster pack - THklZA93U
evolve - WVzh9wpTJ
enhance - Vx71XTaEV
Open dropdown to see what's affecting your mood. The mood dropdown shows everything currently affecting your mood. Remember, nothing lasts forever! Some things may only make you happy for a very short time. Before we go anywhere, it's important to do your research. Open the Froggie app to do some research. Froggie is a search engine. Use it to search for financial institutions in Wayde City. Don't trust everything you read. Bea a healthy skeptic!

NeighborMood Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The NeighborMood bar shows how well the community is doing. You can increase NeighborMood by helping others! If your community doing well, good things will happen! You can level up once the NeighborMood is full. You've been awarded some NeighborMood for completing this tutorial! Open the giftbox next to the NeighborMood bar on the next screen.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter NeighborMood cheat code - give: research, money, giftbox, increase stats, premium items, unlimited credit card, off mood effect, exclusive outfit, game speed x10
3. You can get a FREE exclusive Golden Point hat today by opening a teen account with us! This is our newest limited time offer, just for teens like you. Here are the Terms and Conditions for our teen account. The account includes both a savings account and a checking account. Please read them carefully and "Agree" to open your account and get your FREE hat! Terms and Conditions:
1. FREE exclusive Golden Point hat
2. 8% monthly interest rate on savings
3. $5 monthly fee for checking account
4. $20 overdraft fee
5. $5 ATM cash withdrawal fee
6. $45 bounced check fee

4. Each time you level up, you'll have a chance to upgrade the city. You can unlock shops and other awesome features!

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