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Neko Dungeon Puzzle Game story

Our hero is a dungeon crawler cat who needs to survive for as long as possible, collecting coins during his jurney! Swipe right to equip this weapon. Swipe left to strike this enemy with you weapon. Swipe left to attack the enemy using your life. Swipe right to equip this spell. You can hold the spell button to check it's description. Use your spell to cast kightning at your enemies. You can disable traps by moving in a side with no point. Your goal is displayed at the top of the screen. Now go, adventure awaits!

Neko Dungeon Puzzle Hack Basics trucos

Hey! You've made enough money to buy a helpful item! Click on this icon to access the store. Now buy a delicious fish. You can use it at any time during a battle to recover some health! Viki the Witch has mastered ancient sorceries and can cast them using her inner energy called mana. Viki cannot attack with regular weapons, so mana potions will appear on the battlefield instead. Mana blast is a special spell, you have to chose which enemy is your target.

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Are you sure you want to buy this item? Clyde the Rouge was sent to meet his maker by Snail. When available, you can watch an ad to make some extra coins! In the upgrade store you can buy permanent upgrades to your hero! Click on this icon to access the upgrade store. Upgrades are more expensive than consumables, but you only have to buy each upgrade once. Now unlock this new spell tome free of charge! Conjure weapon - This spell invokes a good weapon for you, if you don't have any equipped.

Neko Dungeon Puzzle Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Poisonous bulbs release a substance that will make you lose health points for a few turns. That toxin isn't strong enough to kill you though.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Neko Dungeon Puzzle cheat code - give: off ads, unlimited mana, restore HP, skins, lives, Yarn balls, free store, gold coins, gems, unlock class, blessing, rune, craft materials
3. Every time that your character is defeated, you will lose a life. If you run out of lifes you won't be able to play until you got another one. But don't worry! Your 5 first lives will always regenerate itself! Other than that, you can always exchange Yarn balls for more lives.
4. The dungeon blessing are stacking effects that will empower your character through a dungeon.

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