Cheats hack Neko's Sushi Bar code:guest, visitors, chef, dishes, speed, price, seat, auto clicker, off ad Neko's Sushi Bar Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Neko's Sushi Bar hack cheat code List

guest - use hack ZJn3Tukhv
daily pack - enter pass fPUHWPSSO
visitors - IYoDwKgZV
premium content - Zsk3wGWog
booster pack - unqbiYMkg
chef - IZ1FZgqyv
Month Card x1 - bSt8oncQl
upgrade - RwzwrPsgi
daily gift bag x10 - UQzOUec53
secret combination code - 3OgsaBeXU
dishes - ftWngGZlK
speed - qVFeXn69U
off ad - SgNF1hwh6
weekly box - 4IRXfqq9z
price - NlQ8CmrYw
seat - o8oWrz5gI
auto clicker - 2UDlTMVoT
unlock territories - CHAfgiMMt
level up - 6EWKjZ9IW
gold fish - ILopcBlxu

Neko's Sushi Bar use cheats
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Game story

It is just a small restaurant now, but under the leadership of the master, we will definitely become the favourite of eaters all over the world. Let me briefly introduce you to the operation of the cat sushi bar. It's simple, give it a try! Each dish can improve the appearance, arome, taste, and nutrition, and the selling price will also increase. If you raise it to the extreme, it seems that something good will happen. A quest is here! Our restaurant is open! You have completely mastered it, you deserve to be the master.

Neko's Sushi Bar Hack Basics

There are many little secrets in the restaurant, waiting for the master to explore. Experienced chef, who is good at any type of dishes and wins great amounts of good comment. Big eater comes to your restaurant! Fill his empty stomach and make money. A postowl is visiting - brought the postcards sent to you by the guests. Premium quest - is very interes at our dishes! It may bring additional income.

Hint & Tips

1. Starts in Tokyo's small street. It is open from midnight to seven in the morning. Serve for tired Neko and heal their fatigue with yummy food.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: guest, visitors, chef, dishes, speed, price, seat, auto clicker, off ad, unlock territories, level up, gold fish
3. Ramen, Tempura, Blue-fin Tuna Belly, provide best dishes for your guests! Special events occurs under the moon night, try to collect them!

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Neko's Sushi Bar Redeem gift code

1. rWAB9b6HPvrV73I
2. sEIRg5jB6vPRQcY
3. dopHRLWzzgyz0jI
4. a7tB3tiT62RVRVI
5. YntKAv4kNsQTXOm
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