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Neon Impact hack cheat code List

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admin panel - rcbkvcCSP
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material package - use 8Tp4JKq78
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Neon Impact use cheats
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Game story

In the doomsday project team, there are many excellent commanders gathered. Commanders are the strongest from every country. They can use special abilities to recruit the characters in their minds and let them serve themselves do things. Emma is a trainee commander in the Doomsday project team, and her sister Daenerys fights against alien creatures side by side. The doomsday is coming, a large number of alien monsters invade the earth, many commanders summon the heroes in their minds to resist the monster invasion, Alyssa is also one of them. The portal in front that looks like a monster, go and destroy it.

Neon Impact Hack Basics trucos

Clear monsters brings golds. The more powerful the monster is, the more golds you will earn. Remember to collect golds often. There are more and more monsters, so recruit more heroes to help hero. After the heroes are recruited, they need to be brought into battle before they will appear on the battlefield. Upgrading heroes can make them stronger.

enter cheat (Neon Impact gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Ozz9t6QNN
level up - TAzTHro0f
daily pack - enter pass 3Av4Hc5OI
admin account - C83qh9S56
Month Card x1 - 5oIgbmtqe
booster pack - RHnsdQxlM
evolve - g2emoUJXQ
enhance - 2qpyrIZsB
The items dropped by monster will be in the loot box. Make sure you have enough spaces in the loot box. The bag has only 12 spaces, you can unlock more later. Remember to place more powerful equipments to the heroes. Wait until your heroes are ready. THe heroes will continue grinding the same stage. When your hero is strong enough, click the 'challenge' button to challenge the boss.

Neon Impact Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You don't need to manually challenge the levels you have already challenged after you challenge again and the will sublimation.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Neon Impact cheat code - give: get 10x game speed, adding 200% pf ATK, reducing 100% of skill CD, gold, diamond, psionic recruitment, vip, material package, items, tickets
3. Some heroes have cleared the monsters, it's safer here. You can hire some ordinary soldiers to help us with some tasks. The higher the idle quests level, the more golds you will get.
4. Send more to idle quests, which help us get golds quickly. At the moment, remember to upgrade heroes. Unlock auto task to earn golds continually.
5. Gold: function - the basic currency in the game, cna be used in everywhere. Exchange with diamond, get from monster challenge or task completing.

Neon Impact Hack tools Version:


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