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Neopets Game story

Hello. Are you the young, fearless Town Planner. I have been waiting all this time for? It is nice to meet you. I am Lania Cragg, your forewoman. I am here to help rebuild Dacardia. A terrible storm destroyed this island and left all the Neopets here homeless. It is up to us to repair their homes. And to take care of them until we go. Look at the poor Shoyru over there. They look so hungry! Here. I will give you some Omelettes. Please tap on the Shoyru, tap the "Feed" button, and give them a snack.

Neopets Hack Basics trucos

We can begin construction soon, since your Shoyru friend has been fed. Construction can be dangerous, though. Please give one to your Shoyru friend so they will be safe while we build. Tap on the Shoyru. Tap the "Style" icon. Drag the Hard Hat onto your Neopet and they will put it on. Save your style Do you want to save this style for your pet? Your previous brush and hat will be removed. Now that is what I like to see. A safe crew is a happy crew. And a happy crew is one of life's greatest joys. Come. We amy now begin my favourite part of building: the actual construction!

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It is time to build our new friend a home! To do that, we need blueprints and building materials. I have supplied both. And also the perfect crew: my crabby-bots! Tap on the Dacardian Home blueprint. Then tap on the Build button. Confirm the house placement, then tap repeatedly to build. Drag the building to place it, then tap the check mark to confirm. Speed up timers by spending Crystal Neggs. We've given you some Crystal Neggs to get started. Tap the blueprint to try it now! Sufficient and speedy work. Our Shoyru friend is excited to move in! But before is one more teensy-tiny thing... After we finished building, I saw your Shoyru friend flip and cheer for their new home! But they did notice something wrong: they lost their prized Flower Pot in the storm. We should surprise our friend by placing it near new home. Tap on the Crabby-bot icon in the corner. Then drag the Flower Pot onto the grid and place it by Shoyru's Neohome.

Neopets Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Tap on the Decor button to enter Free Build mode. Drag the decoration you'd like to place onto the map. Tap on the checkmark to place it.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Neopets cheat code - give: pet, garden essentials, resources, speed up, nest neggs, level riches, neggstravanganza, starter pack, materials, rank up, promotion.
3. Crokabek Field boasts some of the best crops in Dacardia. It is watched over by an enhanted scare-Crokabek who does its best to keep scavengers away...except it's too gentle to get the job done! At least that makes gathering easier Neopet Sighted!
4. When you're done meeting your new friend, tap "Back" to return to the map.
5. If we are going to continue rebuilding Dacardia, we will need more supplies. We have used up everything I brought with me. But we can get more with the help of our Neopet friends. Dacardia is a rich land and the local resources are perfect to building. Everything we rebuild can be sourced locally and gathered right here on the island! Like from that Farm over there. We can use Straw we gather from it to make building materials. Tap on the Farm and select Straw. Your Shoyru friend will be happy to help you!
6. Choose which item you wish to gather. Tap "Send Pet" to confirm. You need tools to gather some resources. But some resources can be gathered for free.
7. A master builder must have masterful tools. And since I am the best, I had to invent the best. Behold, my Molten Mixer! Both this and the Crabulator are my own creations. The Crabulator stores blueprints and deploys my Crabby-bot crew. The Molten Mixer makes building materials for them to build with. All we have to do ia drag resources into it. Please tap on the Molten Mixer. Tap and drag your Straw over it and drop it in. You wull get building materials in return. I think four wuold be enough to start with. Using the Molten Mixer is an essential part of the building process. We will need many building materials to restore Dacardia. And now that we have some, we can resume our restoration efforts!
8. You just gathered your first piece of evidence! Keep playing to gather more clues and solve the mystery of who caused the storm.

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