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Game story

You'll need to impress the scouts if you want to get drafted to a team, so let's start your first spring training with some batting. Touch and hold on the bat. Keep your finger on the screen and drag the bat to the ball. When the ball fills the circle, take your finger off the screen. It looks like you're a natural with the bat! Hitting when the ball fills the circle hits straight. Hitting the ball in the center gives maximum power. Now, let's see how good you are at pitching.

New Star Baseball Hack Basics

To beat a batter you'll need to pitch the ball through the rotating ring and the highlighted area above the plate. Tap inside the ring to throw the pitch. I don't think i've ever seen anyone as good with the ball as they are with the bat! You're a true two-way phenomenon kid! Next up is the catching trial. Let's see how you do with that. Touch and hold the screen, then drag the glove to the ball. Aim to catch the ball in the middle of the glove. Now let's see how quick you are between the bases. Time to show some hustle! Swipe repeatedly on the screen towards third base. The quicker you swipe, the faster your batter will run.

Hint & Tips

1. When you get on base, you'll need to judge whether you stay or if you can make it to the next base. For this chance, stay on third. That was some speed right there! Run as many bases as you can, but try not to get out; that will upset the team and the fans.
2. Touching the scree starts the game. Swipe repeatedly in the direction of the ball to field it. Touch your player, drag back to aim your throw to the cut off man, then release.
3. Swipe as quick as you can towards the ball. When you've collected the ball, pull back to aim your throw to the nearest fielder.
4. Use cheat code, and give: cash, premium contract, restore energy, 100% trainer bonus, relationship pack, buffs pack, battling&running, fielding, NRG gold pack, increase lifestyle score
5. Play well and you'll increase your star rating and your relationships. Winning games will see you climb the league, if your team's at the top of the league at the end of the season, you'll make the playoffs.
6. You'll receive a base wage and recover some energy each game you play! Keep playing well and you'll be able to negotiate a better contract & increase your wage.
7. Playing games, training skills, and maintaining good relationships requires energy. You can refill your energy cans of NRG. Always make sure you have enough energy before playing a game, otherwise you could find yourself benched. At the mid-point in a game you'll have the opportunity to replenish your energy. You don't need to now, but it can be useful if you find your energy reserves low.
8. Buying items increases your lifestyle score. A higher lifestyle score will not only attract sponsors, but will also help you attract a partner and the potential for romance.


You've impressed the scouts from the Philadelphia brewers and they've drafted you! You're not ready for the big leagues just yet, so you'll be playing for their league D affiliate, the Lakewood clams. This is your first step on the way to becoming a baseball legend. You're in starting lineup kid! Follow the game in commentary and we'll cut to the moments when the action will be on you. To strike the ball, drag the bat to the ball and release when the ball is close. Time the release to control direction and hit the ball near the center for maximum power. Swipe the ball to add spin and tap the screen to pitch. Aim to get the ball through the hoop and into the shaded are to beat the batter.

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