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NieR Re[in]carnation Game story

Massive stone towers pierce an empty sky. This enormous structure is called The Cage. In its shadow, a lone girl walks with purpose...And she will not leave until she has what she desires. Goodness, look at these rivers of sand! I wonder how such a thing came to pass. Opening the menu already, are we? Mama was planning to give you an explanation later...Are you sure you want to fiddle with it now? So impatient! Sadly, all I can let you do right now is summon. I can't even permit you to use any of the things you've obtained so far. Are you still sure you want to open the menu? Goodness, you're not giving Mama much of a choice here.
This is Mama Menu. You can do all sorts of things here. Goodness, look at these rivers of sand! I wonder how such a thing came to pass. Make sure you don't get any grit in your eyes! I wonder where all of this sand going. Let's head for the shiny black light up there. These strange statues are scattered throughout The Cage. I din't know who made them, but I call them Dark Scarecrows. Anyway, this is the first one, so we'll start here.

NieR Re[in]carnation Hack Basics trucos

A young boy of good upbringing moves across a vast wasteland. A taciturn man follows. The boy proceed uneasily, his eyes constantly probing their surroundings. Almost as if he fears they are being followed. Suddenly, a dreary town emerges from the dust. The boy suggestests they take their rest, and the man nods silently. The two make for a nearby eatery, hoping to shake the road from their weary bones. But instead of welcome, they find a group of bounty hunters gathered at their destination. The lead hunter stares at the child, appraising him. The boy remains silent, his head hanging low. Perhaps angered by the lack of response, the bounty hunter suddenly draws his gun. Two shots ring out and fade the dusk.

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Did you see the flock of black birds that possessed the bounty hunter? They're nasty sorts who like to fly in and warp the story. Well, we are not going to let that stand, are we? Your role is to defeat them and put the story back the way it's supposed to be. But I suppose you already know that, don't you? Perhaps angered by the lack of response, the bounty hunter suddenly draws his gun. Having defeated the hunters, the man turns to his charge. With a wry smile and a touch of regret, he proposes they take their leave of the town. The man silently nods, and gazes upon the boy's face.

NieR Re[in]carnation Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Your task is to fix warped memories like this in order to restore complete stories. But we also need to collect weapons like these.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter NieR Re[in]carnation cheat code - give: stamina, summon, exploration, shards, skills, premium weapon, jumpstart Pack, gems F, exclusive outfit, vip content, equipment, pets, enhance material
3. You will sometimes encounter black birds in The Cage, and you should do what you can to shoo them all out. If you do that, Mama will give you a nice surprise!
4. You will encounter black birds as you traverse Tha Cage. Tap on them to dispatch them and earn items.
5. You can obtain weapons that will help you in battle here. If you're lucky, you may even get friends who will fight at your side! No need to think too much about it. Let's give it a shot for now.
6. Wherever people gather, stories come with them. But saloons have a special ability to loosen even the tightest of lips. Such rumors are what brings the woman with a mechanical arm and leg to this place.
7. Auto-Loadout automatically create a loadout of characters and equipment according to an element or other point of emphasis that you choose in the settings.

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