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Game story

Once upon a beautiful summer night the horse keepers were watching their herds in the meadow. Eventually, they fell into a slumber. In the safety of darkness, the fairies flew out of their homes in the clouds to have some fun with the horses, as was the fairies' way. Each fairy caught a horse and mounted it, whipping it with their golden hair, urging it round and round the dewy meadow.

Nonogram From Long Ago Hack Basics

The goal of the game is to discover all tiles which will solve the level. The number on the left shows how many tiles are in a row, and numbers on the top show how many tiles are in a column. We can see that there are three tiles in a row, and we know that it's the first three columns, because of the numbers on the top of that column. Tap on the tile to reveal it. We will mark the rest of the row as empty space, because we know that there are no tiles there. Time to move on! If there is more than one number, that means that there is at least one empty space between the tiles.

Hint & Tips

1. Finally something more interesting. In example you can see that first row has a number 5, so that means that every element in the first row contains a tile.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: remove ads, credits, new chapters, hearts, hints, offline mode, 1001x1001 board, skin pack
3. When there is more than one tile you want to check, you can select them by sliding over them with your finger.

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