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unlimited mana - use vYvorCLca
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legendary weapon - mxBHMffFs
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rune - 1sccAYxUQ

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Nordicandia Game story

Class: warrior - trained with many weapons and armor types, hardened by battle, the warrior is a strong and formidable opponent when it comes to melee combat. Warriors feel at home in the midst of the battlefield, striking foes head on with one or two handed weapons. Hunter - raised by nature, the hunter excels in ranged combat. With an innate ability to call to the wild, the hunter is often accompanied by an animal companion. Hunters tend to stay out of harms way, until the moment comes to strike with fierce arrows. Mage - a master of magic, the mage has studied both offensive and defensive spells for decades, and is able to cast the most powerful of incantations. The mage will always hit it's target, and with enough intelligence, can wreak havoc on the fields of battle.

Nordicandia Hack Basics trucos

Race: Human - possess exceptional drive and a great capacity to endure and expand, they are quite prominent in all fields. They are gregarious, often friendly, and willing to mix and interact with others. High elf - have a keen mind and a mastery of magical arts, but are physically weak. They are arrogant and reclusive, believing themselves to be far superior to non elves and even other elves. Dwarf - are a tolerant race, settled in cities carved from the hearts mountains and fiercely determined to repel savage races like Orcs. They are reluctant to discard anything unless it is truly ruined and unable to be fixed.

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upgrade trucos - yApEyIuiU
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daily pack - enter pass DfcNLHfyh
admin account - o5djeOUJy
Month Card x1 - IPKwpYmRR
booster pack - D84kaoPDe
evolve - ZLtwrEVfo
enhance - 3xITYf51W
Wood elf - are children of the natural world, they seek to live in balance with the wild and understand it better than other mortals. Many elves embark on adventures, leaving their realms to reclaim forgotten magic. Demon - is nearly infinite in number - an unhappy proof of mortality's endless capacity for sin. Demons exist for one reason - to destroy, and they are exceptional at enduring damage.

Nordicandia Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Your character will move and attack automatically. The swirly animation around the auto attack icon indicates that auto move is also enabled. Character frame - it shows your current health, mana and level. Your unit will automatically switch targets and attack whoever is closest. You can force your character to attack a specific monster by tapping on it. You can use your active skills to vanquish your foes or strengthen your character. To view more information about a skill, you can press and hold on the skill.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Nordicandia cheat code - give: unlimited mana, equipment, materials, skills, opals, attribute points, premium pet, legendary weapon, armor, artifact, rune
3. I'm sure you noticed your pet that's running after you and picking up loot. Your pet cannot die so don't worry about that. Your pet has a limited inventory so be sure to check it from time to time and pick up what yu want to keep and discard the rest. Also, your pet's inventory is not saved when exiting the game or changing character.
4. It looks like you found an upgrade. Items that will significantly improve your offense. Defense or recovery is displayed with the green upgrade icon. Click on the item to view details about it. You can double click on an item to pick it up. But let's pick up all items into your inventory, so your pet has room to pick up more loot.

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