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gold - use Gqx30DTG9
speed up - noL9W6iJo
secret combination - sdaQlZM8X
advanced recruit - Y2TEteWQJ
double rewards - yyDXuMRj7
friendship points - qErnIAwml
faction recruit - amzMWCgRs
diamonds - 75eqq5ea6
reward points - msRcUf72S
value monthly card - 9MsoGnCFK
admin panel - 8lofBjdJf
Orange hero - vdtuKg239
legendary weapon - u7V1CgV1H
equipment chests - TqZJEciV1
elite warrior soulstone - 8YKthdO7x
vip 15 - use QkfcN9lFN

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

The western harbor, which was once one of the most prosperous ports of the Ragetide Union, has recently suffered the frequent occurrence of monsters. In order to contain those rebellious monsters, the Union sent famous heroes and adventurers to take them out. On their way, the heroes encountered a tough opponent. It's not a monster, but a warrior with a long sword. Cleansing the harbor is a laborious task. Some creatures affected by the dark power have long been deprived of their former morphs and have become more ferocious. They've almost all become more adept at fighting and more familiar with the dilapidated port than the sweeper army. In this old city, trained soldiers with combat experience are instead often no match for them.

Northland Arena Hack Basics trucos

Heroes! Someone in front was attacked by shadow creatures. Hurry up and save unit! Tap "challenge boss". Tap the avatar to deploy. You seem to need a helper, tap the realm guard and ask him to assist you. Now tap 'combat', we must eliminate this monster as soon as possible. After the energy bar is full, tap the character avatar to cast the ultimate. Cast hammer slam to eliminate the enemies. Kalilat's ultimate 'ice tempest' can attack enemies in the front, please place her in the middle to play a bigger role. Piece os gear - tap quick equip to put on hero and increase stats.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 0fgTurRsx
level up - crDhOCdFj
daily pack - enter pass 5cypvh1WD
admin account - dqD4CVjbW
Month Card x1 - eiJOiNNyS
booster pack - DFpND05qm
evolve - MypjfVSnj
enhance - 1wlIaWB4v
Characters: Ukono - is a guard on the northern line of Rogetide union. Due to the northern terrain people from other tribes often attack the federal border from the north, so the northern line of defense cannot be ignored. However, because of the higher latitude and the magic of the water dragon, the northern part is covered with snow all the year round,and the weather conditions are relatively harsh. keeping warm has also become a major problem for soldiers in the north. Fortunately, there are Ukono and his friends, they will periodically go to the southeast forest to hunt...

Kalitat - ragetide union has a distinct class system, including civilians, craftsmen, merchants, and noble. The aristocracy runs a country in order from low to high, and the economic lifeline of Ragetide union is the water dragon statue standing behind the palace, which contains the magic power of water and is the source of life for all things.

Northland Arena Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. EXP - insufficient warrior experience, it's suggested to obtain it from the following ways. Sources: obtain from autoplay, bounty quests, from fighting in dungeons.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: advanced recruit, friendship points, faction recruit, diamonds, gold, reward points, value monthly card, Orange hero, legendary weapon, equipment chests, elite warrior soulstone,vip 15
3. Faction bonus: deploy 5 heroes of the same race to make all allies get the stat bonus. Light heroes can create a formation with any other faction of heroes except dark shadows. Dark shadows will not activate the formation, but they bring special bonus effects to allies.

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