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off ad - use hack kqny7SKNQ
shield - vT3zSl3Hk
invincibility - 5KLbmDRkx
increase attack speed - IHfHwZdhZ
premium ship - BqT4e7npR
vip status - Kok3rQ5bw
parts - j4Fgd3Eyl
gold - oibuumTwV
diamonds - XIx8mEC5x
speed up - NtgdgwSYc
premium ship - cDYtG6dxO
exploration - tkRqSjsd7
reward x5 - 09OUJBlz9
honor - JNoGU3xqh
shards - yknZJmlvN

NOVA Fantasy Airforce 2050 use cheats
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Game story

2051, the year when Earth reached the point of no return. Humanity had to abandon its home and migrate to outer space. It wasn't until 2064 that a habitable planet, later named Nova, was discovered. It marked the beginning of a new era recorded as Astral 1, when humanity found their new home - Nova. In Astral 19, peace was disrupted by the treacherous Empire, who invaded and pillaged the planet. In Astral 20, you joined the guardians to fight for peace - for your new home. Your wing aircraft is a great support to your starfighter. tap the starfighter button. Enter the wing aircraft page. Select a star ship. Then equip starfire - shoots powerful laser beams. Now, return to the adventure page.

NOVA Fantasy Airforce 2050 Hack Basics trucos

Destroy enemies for a chance to get energy crystal. They increase the success rate when combining energy crystals into energy chips. Tap to equip the green energy chip and boost your support staff. Chips: secondary weapon, energy recovery and atk speed up. Energy on ultimate - 20% energy is restored after an ultimate is released.
enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - EmfIBuR8x
level up - z70l4X9yk
daily pack - enter pass 5sSNQPwDh
admin account - 9nfQe28JT
Month Card x1 - rWSdXlZGu
booster pack - 4NkJJZOTB
ATK bonus - damage +40% when health points is above 80%. Dodge bonus - dodge +15% when HP os above 80%. A large group of enemies incoming. Release your ultimate to wipe the out. ATK on kill - killing an enemy increasing damage by 25%. Invincibility on kill - killing an enemy has a chance to generate a field of invincibility that lasts 2 seconds.

NOVA Fantasy Airforce 2050 Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Let the soaring melodies transport you from cold mountain peaks and wild plains to the deepest reaches of enemy territory! Experience the ballads of epic space battles as the music brings the game to life right before your eyes!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: off ad, shield, invincibility, increase attack speed, premium ship, vip status, parts, gold, diamonds, exploration, reward x5, honor, shards
3. Your starfighter needs to be enhanced. Upgrade attack and maximum HP.
4. Stay online for the required duration to get rewards.

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NOVA Fantasy Airforce 2050 Redeem code - premium gift box

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