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Nova Space Armada Game story

Greetings, I am glad to see you have regained consciousness. A supernova blast occurred eight hours and thirty-five minutes ago, and our space station suffered extensive damage. You have been unconscious during this time, and the system indicates that you are suffering from short-term amnesia. Our station is being pulled toward the event horizon of a black hole, and the time dilation is growing by the second. We must return the station to operations and leave the solar system. Commander, since you've yet to regain some of your memory, I would like to refresh you on thespace station's basic controls. First we need to reboot the station. This will be our first step in escaping this black hole. Prepare to activate the station.

Nova Space Armada Hack Basics trucos

The station's resumed normal operations, and all systems are cheking out. Our focus now is on rebuilding our fleet. Without one, we'll be sitting ducks here in the void. Factory: A facility with multiple assembly lines. Responsible for producing parts such as weapons, components, and hulls. Shipyard: People working together with Al machinery combine various parts into finished ships here. Shipyard will manufacture the components when you're missing some while shipbuilding.(Resource and time cost will be automatically calculated).

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Our first Frigate has just been completed! Sadly, the Flanker Class is quite outdated. You can use your new component blueprint to improve this class of ships. We just obtained an upgraded blueprint. We can use it to build a more powerful ship. The space Station is siding into a black hole. Gather yourseld and prepare to face the dangers of deep space. Your space station can jump to most places but not to enemy alliance space when you are in the preparation phase of an Alliance War. Commander, don't forget to send workships to collect the debris after you destroy pirates.

Nova Space Armada Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. However, the power of our jump engine is limited, and my regardings indicate that the wormhole is unstable. We will have to abandon some of our structures and a large number of ships to perform the jump.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Nova Space Armada cheat code - give: resources, speed up, legendary ships, summon x5, 5 stars character, troop energy, blueprint, starter pack, vip status, title, workers
3. We can rebuild our structures and fleets once we're out. Let's evacuate the crew and discard anything we can afford to.
4. Council Chamber - Unlock other buildings; unlock more decorations; increase number of times your Fief can expand at specific levels; increase wall max HP.
5. Hyperspace data analyzed, all units prepare, the station is about to enter the wormhole.
6. Workships are defenseless, in some situations, you might need to send a fleet to escort them. Alliance members can send their own workships to help construct alliance buildings.
7. Orders are one of the most important parts of the Republic's planned economy. We will need to accept plenty of Orders in the future, as it is the only way our station can earn Republic Credits.

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