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Oath of Glory hack cheat code List

pet - use hack zlKk4LkqW
daily pack - enter pass XlEFpuntb
gold - lVLioaKiK
silver coins - f6YFV1Wzu
booster pack - OB8CIp0TQ
gems - mVopjPoEW
Month Card x1 - ZrYWqGFCi
rune - kLaOq8MSL
daily gift bag x10 - CEtyd2xcO
artifact - bQr3DMQyi
premium equipment - xAlWTIjLk
upgrade - wgYGOIPyb
level up - NEfNOxwJm
mount - BciqUJSjz
legendary weapon - 6P1mkZghK
vip - 3aEdc7qPz

Oath of Glory use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Your skills are progressing nicely. One day you will be the best of us all. Tap quest panel to quickly move to the quest's destination. To become the complete of ourselves, we must face new challenges. Attack the enemy in front of you. Protect the black ticket at all costs. To stack the attack gauge, touch the enemy. When the gauge is full, it automatically attacks. Character upgrade, formation - here, you can make your character stronger. Earn great rewards while exploring the training ground and the punitive expedition. Complete against other users and try to get the best score. Quest, achievement - take it step by step and you will be surprised by all the tremendous wealth you will get. Profile - this is where helpful account informations are gathered.

Oath of Glory Hack Basics

Characters: Knight - wield huge sword and slurdy shield, landing physical melee attack on their target. They have high HP and defense, making them highly robust and survivable. They are good at clearing enemies, but do not shy away from facing the toughest challenge. Mage - mages wield a powerful magical staff and land a highly destructive magical long ranged attack. They draw their power from the fathomless magical source to crush their target. Enhancer - hold an arcane tome to strike a magical long ranged attack. They are well equipped with offensive, defensive, and healing skill. They quickly restore their teammate's health, making them last longer in the fight.

Hint & Tips

1. Embedding jewel will affect the equipment slot's stat. You can remove the equipment without affecting your stat.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: pet, silver coins, gems, rune, artifact, premium equipment, mount, legendary weapon, vip, upgrade, level up
3. You can adjust potion usage settings from the bag screen. Use the right items to increase your HP reservoir.

Oath of Glory Hack tools Version:


Oath of Glory Redeem code - premium gift box

1. EnVrCKAnYS0o1xb
2. WTqp2J7KkBmm3oi
3. nbWT6oKzFzTli7D
4. KDbfe0yBf6larNP
5. Cjwwcm0VGwfauNG
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