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Oath of Knights hack cheat code List

packs - use cV53mw425
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secret combination - ihnzBGQBT
diamonds - OhuEz386S
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skill points - 6gtIUrya9
resources - xj8lKej25
epic hero summon - HVnvMOCWg
speed up - 6gpDhDjdX
admin panel - 7ayXpK2CR
enhance - 3KYOLIn8Z
draw card - use KJRdh1XOc
epic pack - 1SWP6200R
vip status - use 93wMzLNkZ
free shop - use blaBEOwBh

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Game story

Somebody predicted: "the night is dark, the night will last." We saw it...We saw the night scourged the empire, and engulfed its magnificence. The throne now is merely a symbol of grief and decay. The night is lingering. Its growing tentacles begin to target us. The scout is reporting a battle ahead. The mutants destroyed the fishing village in the Eastport, and the local soldiers are resisting with all their might. But the situation doesn't look promising. Battle: by using skills, heroes can produce special beads which are more powerful than normal ones. We shall set about making what needs to be made. Get it all together.

Oath of Knights Hack Basics trucos

First, let's find a place to make a saw mill. Stabilize the fort, it represents the dignity of the knights at least. The fort's level determines the number and level of other buildings. Castle - this is where our training camp will be built. We need to train up those recruits. New recruits become heroes through rigorous training. Unworldly hero - can gain a 4 star or 5 star hero after training. Use diamonds to speed up.

enter cheat (Oath of Knights gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 7bKGlPYl7
level up - F7XTJwbvt
daily pack - enter pass yAzUkg9LG
admin account - E7iNv4dPm
Month Card x1 - Fbs5vXgAL
booster pack - r1Eg1VAxH
evolve - pM8WyYcZJ
enhance - AplV82RYs
Aleyn can generate potion bead. Eliminating it restores HP for allies. Careful, evil Hound can inflict damage on all heroes. Keep an eye on your HP. Elwisia is defensive hero who can generate shield bead. Eliminating it boost DEF for all allies.

Oath of Knights Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The flames of war reignited. Build your gorgeous city. Thousands of heroes gathering. Victory by wise strategy. Fight for the knights' glory.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: diamonds, resources, speed up, epic hero summon, enhance, draw card, epic pack, vip status, free shopt
3. Epic hero summon - a greater chance to get epic hero. Daily summon - you will have 1 free attempt daily.

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