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Oceanhorn Chronos Dungeon use cheats
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Game story

A long time has passed, since the White city was washed from the face of Gaia - and the once magnificent Kingdom of Arcadia was shattered into hundreds of islands. Legends predating the Arcadians tell of an artifact, one so powerful it can turn back time - an artifact which could be used to rewrite this history. In hopes of finding this fabled item, and restoring the world to its former glory, four adventurers have sailed to the edge of the world. The tomes that led them here were not wrong. What opens up before them now is the hall of the master of time himself...Chronos.

Oceanhorn Chronos Dungeon Hack Basics

Congratulations, champions of Arcadia. Against all odds, you have found your way into the realm of Chronos, the master of time. You can here for the Paradigm hourglass, to turn back time and restore the world back to what it was before the catastrophe, is that it? Well, i'm not here to stop you. Follow your fates brave Arcadians, but beware! This mythical place is called the Chronos Dungeon. Knight, a fierce and talented sword wielder. Huntress, a master of bow and arrow. Grandmaster, a mysterious lancer from another time. Mage, a powerful magician with a telekinetic battle tome. There's no going back now. Here, time and space intertwine and create complexities that are not meant for mortals like you. You do not belong here and this place will try to kill you. Can you survive, champions of Arcadia?

Hint & Tips

1. Search cave for the stairs that lead down. Many useful items are hidden inside crates and jars. keep the attack button pressed for a special attack. Food items will replenish your health.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: key, gold, artifact, rune, restore health, equipment, premium weapon, gems, craft materials
3. Collecting gold may prove useful in the long run. There must be a secret passage hidden in here. Walk between the torches. Locked gate? Look for a key! There are the stairs. Go down and follow your destiny.
4. Every floor of chronos dungeon has a secret passage. Paying at the golden statue reduces risk and makes your journey easier.

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