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Game story

Welcome! Venture into a vast world, filled with known and unknown creatures. Your survival depends on adapting to the unexpected! We go first. As the first player, we get 4 bonus points. Let's mae a species! Drag the filter feeder card to the plus sign to create a species. Your species needs population! Drag your species to the reef to forage. It will take population equal to the forage icon. Your goal in oceans is to collect the most population. Each population is worth 1 point. THe player with the most points at game end wins! After feeding, each species ages 1 population. This population goes into your score bag.

Oceans Board Game Hack Basics

You've earned one point this round, giving us a score of 5 total. We'll skip discarding for now. Hit "skip discard" and that ends our turn. Your opponent creates a species with a tentacled trait. Touch and hold over tentacled to see what it does. By default, a species can feed once from the reef or can attack other species. We need to protect our filter feeder. Find and play a defensive trait onto your species. Defenses have a black background around the description. Schooling protects us as long as we have more than five population. Shooling increases the rate of aging. You scored two points this round, giving 7 points in the bag. Let's play a whale cleaner card to create a new species. Play it to the right of your filter feed. A whale cleaner gains when it's closes to a filter feeder that feeds. You may only feed one species each turn.

Hint & Tips

1. Normally a species loses population when it takes its tenth population and hits the bones icon. However, our filter feeder trait prevents over population. Species only go extinct if they don't have enough population to age during their own aging phase.
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3. Each time the species to the right of it is attacked, it gains 2 population, even if the species to your right is your opponents. Attack your opponent with your whale cleaner to activate your bottom feeder.
4. We need to stop our opponent's parasite. Create a new species with your parasitic trait so that it leeches off of your opponent's parasite.

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