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stars - use YtdLTqFdL
off ads - RhVPa80pU
secret combination - bE5JBpL5N
legendary deck - FiSY5Vlgz
double rewards - jzkc8WeFc
gold coins - TdHZoPRpn
increase attack speed - vBWPbnpvZ
hearts - 9bCbNwGqA
starter package - tw4ong7RG
admin panel - mQrgEOsDh
unlimited MP - 3eeadZKcE
switch dice - use 3NGfH7Vwa

Offline Dice use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

So, you still decided to participate in our show? Let's see what you're worth! Click to buy your first dice. And now the second one. Buy, hurry up! A dice with two points attack twice as fast! Well if you didn't know. You can upgrade the dice. Make it stronger. Don't let enemy cross the line! You've complete the first stage! Commendable. We still have a lot of challenging obstacles and hit battles ahead. Do you really think you can go all this way? What courage! let's check it out.

Offline Dice Hack Basics trucos

Perhaps i forgot to mention one small detail. Connect two dice. Surprise, he has become different. When combined, with equal probability, any of your dice can be obtained. Not that bad! Maybe something will work out for you. There is a reward for victory! What do you think i have prepared in this chest? New dice: ice - shows down the enemy's movement speed. Lock - stuns the target with certain chance.

enter cheat (Offline Dice gift codes):
upgrade trucos - JjJAGdLeP
level up - lSLe1Q071
daily pack - enter pass W2xkW0RjJ
admin account - w7mcWUKgM
Month Card x1 - Nn4b8K2vf
booster pack - YHbH2mk2x
evolve - WwQrcez5h
enhance - 8QvkB3Ei0
Fascinating! Now you have a lot of dice. Help them to reach their potential. Critical damage - increases with the upgrade of each dice. Bottom - there are units that are available to you. Here you can improve the dice. Info menu - this is what the unit is capable of now. See you, player! The show must go on!

Offline Dice Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Magic, us magic! Send a downpour of fire on enemy! Skills - note, you can make magic even better here. Best its for 1 star.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: stars, legendary deck, gold coins, increase attack speed, hearts, unlimited MP, switch dice
3. After completing a level, you will get coins, regardless of winning or not. You can use the coins to improve your dice, making them more powerful each time to compete in rush royale modes.

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