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Game story

Hi, i'm Homer. You may remember me from such epics as 'the Iliad' or "The Odyssey", but today i am here to tell you a story about an angry mob. As the Titans before them, the mighty Olympian gods kept mankind prey to their whims with an utter disregard for common politeness until... So the philosopher set forth on an epic quest against the gods but, for some reason, had first to decipher boards depicting strange devices yet to be invented. The philosophers are the mobs intellectual pushers. If you have no philosophers left, Game over!

Okhlos Sigma Hack Basics

And so the philosopher died. That Sure didn't last long! But, hey! That's what you get when you mess with the gods. Luckily there was another unit to continue the quest. The citizens are the most basic unit you can gather in the mob. They have no perks, which is sad, but they can vote (technically, women couldn't vote, which is bad). The mob was ordered to attack, but doing so slowed them down. When the command was reversed, however, things went back to chaotic normality. To move forward, the mob had to defeat all the enemies in its path. Luckily, in the top right corner of the screen there was one of those fancy minimaps that was the latest craze in Pergamon.

Hint & Tips

1. SOme say that slaves were the real price of Greek democracy. They are the only units that can carry items. Heals all units a small amount of HP and cures all status conditions.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gems, gold, food, premium heroes, legendary equipment, free shop, full version, level up, evolve, increase stats, credits
3. You can use bombs to deal a lot of damage. The defenders have high defense. The more defenders you have, the better - for the whole mob!
4. The warriors have high attack power and they are always red, like in that film with the semi-naked guys. ANd then the mob reached the hero market. Trading units for heroes! Such a novel concept! Those Phoenicians sure were at the top of the game when it came to trading.

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