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Old Friends Dog Game Game story

It's the first day of opening your very own senior dog sanctuary, Wonderful Doggos Shack! Your motto will be "Bork bork bork BORK" Words to live by! Volunteering at City Animal Rescue, you meet so many senior dogs who needed a warm bed and a loving home. Soon Wonderful Doggos Shack will be that loving home, full of happy old dogs, living their best lives. Finally, your dream to rescue and care for senior dogs in your very own sanctuary has come true! "I'm going to help every single senior dog that I can find!" "This place is going to be the ultimate paradise for senior dogs!" You fumble for the keys in your pocket before opening the door...You burst through the entrance and take in a view of your new place! And just like that a little dog appears out of nowhere!?

Old Friends Dog Game Hack Basics trucos

Giving dogs items increases the loyalty they give you over time. And a happy dog will reward you with lost of loyalty to collect! Tap on the icon above Mack to collect the loyalty. I have a gift for you. It's a Woof Phone! You can use it for all sorts of things, like keeping track of your dogs in the Woof Book! Check out Mack's journey in the Woof Book! Here you can get an overview of your dogs. Every dog is unique and will have its own journey to go on with you. Gaining loyalty is the key to unlocking the next part of the journey. Dogs will give you loyalty over time. Increase the loyalty per minute by keeping your dog's needs fulfilled. Give dogs their favorite toy or treats to generate more loyalty per minute. Loyalty increases the heart bar, when it is full you will unlock the next story! Tap on the icon above Mack to collect the loyalty.

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Tap on the icon above Mack to start the next story. Tap on icon above Mack to start the story! Mack has been sticking closely to your side, he seems to be feeling a little lost in his new home. Time for a house tour to help Mack feel comfortable! You decide to start small and attempt to lead Mack into the kitchen. Make a post on Dog Blog and create an Avatar. Post on my Dog Blog. How to open your packed boxes. Tap on each box to collect the furniture in it. Decorate your space. To move a placed furniture, first tap to select it. Once started, drag it around to position it. Hold and swipe to position. When selected, tap the inventory arrow button to remove the furniture. Tap on the icon above Mack to collect loyalty.

Old Friends Dog Game Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. A game about friendship! Choose your story! Based on a real life senior dog sanctuary! Decorate your space! Dress up your dogs!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Old Friends Dog Game cheat code - give: loyalty, toys, hearts, unlock dog, ingredients, auto clicker, offline reward, bark bucks, home bag, food, game speed x10, decorations, skins, exclusive outfit
3. How to bake a biscuit. Tap on the kitchen door and go to the kitchen. Tap the recepie you want to bake. Tap the "Bake" button to start baking. Tap the "free" button to speed up your baking for free.
4. You're out of ingredients, but don't worry, you can always buy more from the Barket.
5. Buy Dog Food from the Barket.

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