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special summon - use fmSOw8utZ
off ads - k84xVhLjB
secret combination - K1WuJ6ocA
awakening - dKdpWqAed
double rewards - FpzgFlhBk
gems - lWKv0PdUI
oracle scroll - sHVVFzdCs
unlimited energy - zYHXXA1V7
starter package - BSfpY5R5T
admin panel - 4fOr7KwQP
soul fragment - qViPJWzW2
supply pack - use 3Q3nZAwyT
wish stone - Q8XbHkIkv
gold coins - Bh98PsOOw
hero contract - ULRRXYYC3
hourglass - use PDbz9mhrx
ascend - yoa9saoiy
increase stars - xOAsFuLBh
artifact - vyDiBNpQE

Olympus use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome adventurer! I am a messenger from the realm. Join in battle with your heroes. Tap on the hero list, choose your heroes and start the battle. Mage - group attack leader, sustains DMG. Cleric - adept healer and can improve team's survival. Warrior - withstanding damage, skilled at controlling enemies. Assassin - sneak attacks, harvesting wounded enemies. Archer - withstanding damage, skilled at controlling enemies.

Olympus Hack Basics trucos

The battle's getting harder, summon new heroes and increase your strength. Press and hold to infuse with soul power. Summon a new hero from pandora's box. Use the experience bottles earned in battle to increase hero's level. Lock your updated heroes to avoid synthesis or consumption etc. Synthesis is an important way to get better heroes, and it can save you a lot of gems. Two heroes of the same rank with max stars can be synthesized to create a better hero.

enter cheat (Olympus gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Xp0Mjv8LX
level up - zUMzED1Dj
daily pack - enter pass hD7LViwr8
admin account - iSVu9mNcC
Month Card x1 - Xjp2fCss6
booster pack - PLqQ7wKvf
evolve - 4KeqpsmLh
enhance - uFSTXQ5aT
Lineup is an important factor in battle. Drag heroes to change their position. Tap speed up to quicken the battle. Tap Buff to display skill effects. Use hero contract to get a random hero of the specified rank. We can use it to increase another hero's star level. Ascension improves heroes' stats, unlock new skills and increases their maximum level.

Olympus Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can also get a lot of rewards from the story. Don't miss it. Forge your guild and fight in guild wars. Aspire to lead the strongest guild in God’s World and crush other Guild!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Olympus cheat code - give: special summon, awakening, gems, gold, oracle scroll, unlimited energy, soul fragment, supply pack, wish stone, hero contract, hourglass, ascend, increase stars, artifact
3. Reminder: craft and consumption can return upgrade resources without loss. Level up, equip, forge epic gears, and build your ultimate team from a range of Gods to overcome your enemies in battle.

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