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treasures - use hack pR91yeAaT
resources - lmOTyEvtr
recruits - RGtEBHaUD
food - Iq4LlVTIo
gold - WDDnlFNTS
items - 4zEq55JVQ
gems - t8jbXa6KY
skipping - 5sHq6UZKV
epic hero summon - kw6i97s3e
speed up - M0t7pHLHi

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Oh dearies, i heard the evil queen has returned and conquered the castle. The summon tower in the castle's secret courtyard has been active from the time she arrived. Many years ago, that summon tower was built as a link between our universe of happily ever after, and a parallel, much sadder one - Happily never ever. The evil queen must have somehow opened the summon tower from the other side. Let us help you get stronger for the dangers ahead. After each blast you make, the fairies will light up. Fairies will cause a chain reaction. You're much stronger in battle now, journey north to Rapunzel's castle and win it back. We defeated the evil queen 20 years ago already! So let's head to the castle and do it again!

Once Upon A Blast Hack Basics trucos

Tap at least 2 pieces of the same color to attack. When the enemy's green health bar is empty, it will be defeated. You can use special power. Blast 4 to 6 pieces to create a bomb. Tap the bomb to detonate it. Blast 7 or more pieces to create a diamond. Tap the diamond to release its power. Use elements to your advantage. Hit weaker elements for more damage. The more enemies we defeat, the more treasures, resources, and recruits to join our battle we'll collect.
enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - gJZa0H1gD
level up - gvA0h1uEx
daily pack - enter pass JRTxCbKRH
admin account - PwZUjf8hU
Month Card x1 - 3RPHX7nHe
booster pack - ZSlSLhlid
We'll need all of those resources and recruits to rebuild the castle, let's keep on fighting. Gold is used to rebuild the castle when we take it back. Food and recruits will be used to train new heroes. Items used for crafting useful boosters, and ascending your heroes. we need gold to expand the base. Tap an empty area to build. Skipping wait time usually costs gems, but when you start the game it's free. We need room to hold the gold. Tap to build a gold storage.

Once Upon A Blast Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. When fully charged, tap on your charged heroes portraits to unleash their special skill.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: treasures, resources, recruits, food, gold, items, gems, speed up, skipping, epic hero summon
3. Enemies with counter at 1 or S will attack after your next blast.
4. The evil queen came through the summon tower, it's been active ever since she arrived. It hasn't worked for a millennia, we have tp see this. It seems every 24 hours there is a free summon. Let's make sure we came back to collect it every day.
5. Upgrading the castle expands the base at certain levels, providing for more room for buildings. Build a hero academy, we can use recruits and food to train heroes there.
6. We have a lot of 1 star common heroes, let's use them to level up our epic hero. You can ascend maximum leveled heroes. This will increase the heroes ascension tier, boost the heroes strength, and return the hero to level 1 so youcan keep leveling them up until the next ascension tier.

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1. U39dTtESw8hAFPR
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5. SzLUZNWayIzyFQx
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