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Only The Strong Game story

Folklore and legends are filled with tales of creatures, hiding at dark places and doomed enviroments. Those who were brave enough to face them became legends. Heroes from every cornertravel great distances to prove their strength at impossible odds against those supernatural demons and beasts.The journey is long, many will die, ONLY THE STRONG will survive! On this map you can choose your destination. As you complete stages, you proceed to new areas. Let's start with the desert area. Our hero have to go through the deserts, where sands burn like fire, whipped up by swirling winds. They have an expedition to find the Olgoi Chorchoi, a giant worm many beleive hides in this deadly area.
The first hero in your squad is randomly chosen. Let's hire one more. Tap the hero button, to place him in your squad. Strategist - Gains +1 HP, every time an opponent fails to hit an enemy. Attack professor - Gives +1 ATT to whoever taemmate he collides. It lasts until the enemy's turn. Sadist - Gains +1 ATT, when he kills an enemy.

Only The Strong Hack Basics trucos

Tap play button to enter the battle. Tap to start battle. Your team starts first with the hero who is highlighted. Drag your finger anywhere on the screen and release to attack. Try to hit the enemy in the middle. After all units stop, you play your next hero. You can use the accelerometer to controlthe power. You can cancel aiming by tapping anywhere on the screen without releasing your finger. Now is the enemy turn. Wait until he plays all his heroes. Win the battle, by eliminate all the enemies. For each victory you receive red gem stones. 3 gems for no death, 2 gems for one death, 1 gem for more death. Score is calculated from all the statistics below. Try to finish the satge quickly (time). With a less turns as possible, collect as many gems as you can, finish the in-game challenge and try not to lose heroes.

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Now let's get ready for the next stage. Tap on the first hero card from your squad. Each hero has 3 abilities and each ability is unlocked when the hero reaches a certain level. Each time the hero survives one stage, he increases his level by 1 (see the red circle). Let's upgrade the first ability. Area Smash - Deals 1 area damage (Short range) at the end of the turn. Berserk - Gains +2 ATT when below 3 HP. Stun puncher - During his turn, he stuns the first enemy he hits for 3 turns. When this enemy wakes up, then the hero can use this ability again. If the enemy in the last standing, then he wakes up when his turn comes. Upgrading abilities, the hero becomes stronger. Hero can also equip an item. Tap on the slot to open item card. A very useful item for beginners is the second in the upper row. It visualizes an aiming line so that you can aim more accurately.

Only The Strong Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Something hitting your own heroes into the enemy is better than a direct attack.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Only The Strong cheat code - give: gems, lucky spin, heroes, items, increase stats, earth, ice, wind, fire, skins, premium content, promotion, materials, shards, gold coins, vip status
3. When hero die, equipped item will lost for the rest of the game! You can equip and unequip an item.
4. Notice the red icon at the bottom left. It is a in-game challenge. If you manage to complete this before the end of the battle, then you win green gems. Click on it to learn more information.
5. This one, challenges you to break the big gem in a certain time. Notice the big green gem in the middle of the battle. When you break it, you earn green gems. Try to break it and eliminate the enemy.
6. You can have 4 more heroes that you can insert them at your battle squad at anytime, so you plan your moves and build up combos. Replace the first hero on your battle squad with the new one I give you for free.
7. You can change the starting lineup positions by drag a hero left or right. This is useful for marking your squad lineup stronger.
8. There is still a lot to discover as you progress through the game. Visit the options/settings and read the manual for further information.

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