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Game story

I'm the spectre of these lands. My name is night! Nice to meet you. I've never seen you before. I must warn you. There are dangerous creatures who walk through these lands. I heard you're looking for someone. I could help you to find them. I'll lend you my power. We just have to search around. When you are on a chat icon and you touch the lantern button an interaction will start. The interaction can be done with spirits or with other people. Consider to interact with others to discover every particular of the game story. If you pray, you will help us to keep the nightmares away from this place. Faith drives away fear. Courage banishes nightmares. When you fall in a red circle, a combat will start. When a combat starts, the hero is placed in first line, so he's the only one you can use, unless he's dead. The combat is not turn based, so you can attack or get attacked in every moment. To attack in a combat you need stamina, that is to say the big bar at the base of the character who is fighting. Stamina will recharge gradually during the battle. When you are in defense mode, stamina will recharge slower. Keep use cheats code - stamina recovery if you want to recover the stamina faster, but be careful: in this mode damage from the enemy will be bigger. Keep pressed the defence button to reduce the damage received from enemies. However being in defence mode, will reduce heavily the stamina recharge. There are two type of treasure chests you can find in your adventure. The common blue chests and the special golden chests. Treasure chests contain materials, spells or equipment items. Explore carefully every area to find them all.

Oscuria The world of nightmares Hack Basics

The world of Oscuria is full of recipes. You can find them in treasure chests or as a reward by defeating enemies. Recipes allows you to discover the list of materials needed to craft weapons, armors and food. Once you collects all the needed materials to craft an item, just interact with the craft shop that owns your recipe in order to craft that item. Check the enemy element affinity in order to understand how to defeat it faster. You can save your game whenever you want. If you lose you way, press the compass and examine the exit options from your current location. You can move towards different areas. Select the directional buttons or slide your finger in the direction you prefer to move. You can move yourself in four directions within the limits of the area. The "lantern button" allows you to make actions in the environment such as opening treasure chests, reading documents or picking up objects. Every map hides a so called light core. This allow you to unlock the exit points of the map and let you switch maps. During the combat you can cast spells. Potions are usefull to recover the health and the magic points. Changing the character during a battle exposes him to the attacks of the enemies, but allows the other teammates to recover the stamina faster. If every member of the party will perish in combat, it will be game over.

Hint & Tips

1. Magic points recovering is automatic, but sometimes it can't be enough. That's when potions come in handy.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: jelly, health potion, stamina, coins, recipe, materials, artifact, rune, level up, upgrade, vip status
3. Try to keep switching between attack and defence modes while fighting, in order to keep your life high.
4. Documents can be found everywhere. You can read their contents. They explain facts and sometimes give you hints. Search for them if you want to understand the world of Oscuria better.
5. When you are on a story icon and you touch the lantern button the story goes on. A dialogue will start and most of times this action unlock new paths. During dialogues a combat could start, so prepare yourself first and don't forget to save the game.
6. Consult the diary of nightmares to find out what your next goal is or to view information about enemies you have already encountered.
7. The nightmare mode rise up your attacks but it prevents you from switching character.

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