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unlimited fuel - use beCHDhcnk
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engine - 256a7Ocnh
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pets - VYRxqChTq
skins - P9BFV2je0

Osyaberi Horijyo Holin Slash use cheats
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Game story

I'm Cheat-on. An archaeologist and a treasure hunter. I usually help excavate historic ruins around the world. Investigating ruins where no one has ever been. Oh yeah, i just came back from outer space recently. From the depths of the Earth to ends of the universe. If there's treasure to be found, it's my job to find it. And actually even though i look like this, i love talking. Quite unexpected with my ladylike appearance right?Ah yes yes, that joke was getting old...You know what! I'm preparing for the request that had just arrived. Now i'm all good to go! It's time to head over to Dr. Chikanomizu's lab. I prepared a virtual vision of the first ruins that i thought you might be going to.

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If you get stuck, just take a look at the manual. You'll find all the instructions you need in there. Try walking around first. Hold the R button while you move to run. press the B button to jump. Your jumps are affected by the power of your shoes. Press the Y button to shoot. Upgrading the equipment will increase its power. The actual shot doesn't harm them, they will lose the will to fight and you can chase them away. You can also fire more powerful shots by holding down the shoot button.

enter cheat (Osyaberi Horijyo Holin Slash gift codes):
upgrade trucos - qwEiaQ77O
level up - UpHQLNZeq
daily pack - enter pass OO0Ud9r3S
admin account - 5U0d5Rard
Month Card x1 - ZVjTHJqo1
booster pack - 1OIftmhH6
evolve - MUekVEvKp
enhance - kAY6poYja
The green gauge is Anna's fuel for her equipment, each of her equipment consumes fuel to work. Even if you just stand there and do nothing it will consume a tiny bit of the fuel so be careful. If Anna's fuel reaches0, it will be too dangerous even for her. Once the fuel reaches 0m the emergency evacuation system will operate, so don't worry. If you take damage, the Holin guard will protect you. But, it takes up a lot of the fuel so be careful.

Osyaberi Horijyo Holin Slash Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If you find any ores on the way, make sure you collect as many you can and retrieve it later. You can increase the capacity of the cargo, so if you have time make sure you power it up. You will be rewarded with the amount you have retrieved. And the reward is the Inari coin.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: unlimited fuel, inari coins, cargo, engine, guard, shot, shoes, fuel tank, new character, materials, premium content, pets, skins
3. You can call for the inari shop when you have five inari coins. You can sell ores at the shop. You can also power up your equipment there too. Although you need money to do so.
4. Proof medal - it's a medal that is placed inside many ruins. It was considered as the symbol of courage in the past. If you have time, take up the challenge and collect them. If you power up your equipment, Anna will have an easier time so be sure to try it out.

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