Cheats hack Outfire code:unlimited grenade, premium ammo, gold, exclusive weapon, battle pass, banner, pose, emote, sticker, skin Outfire Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Outfire hack cheat code List

unlimited grenade - use hack YyyhaGpU2
daily pack - enter pass AXZeiRSbL
secret combination - KSsitPnOm
premium ammo - 6yNe1eJZd
booster pack - wKpDc81c2
gold - i4Co3EZwJ
Month Card x1 - LfiwlHpCc
level up - WEvFm0u5N
exclusive weapon - qNrFfdqWw
banner - amU3syMZF
daily gift bag x10 - 1hyiUkH33
upgrade - cM3sKS4Li
pose - 3LMsZH9pO
battle pass - OgdP7jpfv
emote - ZwBo6siiA
sticker - 08vhSTouB
skin - cFQVQsJ8h

Outfire use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome to the training ground! You can call me Mark. I'll help you get ready for battle. Let's begin! Follow the arrows. Drag the left stick to get moving. Enemies ahead! Drag the right stick to fire. Your health recovers when you're not actively taking damage. To speed up or dodge an attack, tap the roll button. You have a second weapon. Select the shotgun. You have to clear the way. Drag the right stick to shoot. To cancelt a shot, return the right stick to its default position.

Outfire Hack Basics

Drag and hold right stick to aim. Walk up to the barrier and tap to jump over it. Your enemies have taken cover. Drag the grenade stick and release it to throw a grenade. Now let's upgrade your weapon before battle. Tap to view your primary weapon. Weapons have attachments and perks. Tap to view attachments. Tap "equip" to mount the collimator sight. It's time to try out your weapons in battle. GO back to the lobby, and tap "play" to start the game.

Hint & Tips

1.Grenades deal massive damage over the target area: use them when there are too many enemies. Grenades always bounce off walls. That's physics.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: unlimited grenade, premium ammo, gold, exclusive weapon, battle pass, banner, pose, emote, sticker, skin
3. Remember, enemies can hide. Especially in the bushes. Jumping over fences doesn't consume roll charges.
4. Have more fun by getting your friends to join the fight.
5. Kings of hill: capture the objective and score 100 points to win. At least one player needs to be standing on the objective to capture it. The objective is under challenge if players from both teams are on it at the same time.

Outfire Hack tools Version:


Outfire Redeem code - premium gift box

1. dXqlGdShUph2I97
2. rLvtBb19wPQ00dC
3. xcX7gj9JrQERyBx
4. eqEkk896rGlyRGQ
5. 8Jf7hiALbyBqs87
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