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Palace Master Queen's Crown use cheats
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Game story

You can live in the harem in the future and handle government affairs here. But the harem looks a bit simple, you might as well take care of it first. You can build some buildings to bring prosperity to the harem and increase combat power. Smash eggs for rarer buildings. Here you can choose your favorite theme. The rarer the building, the higher the corresponding prosperity. You can smash eggs for free once a day. All buildings are movable except the hall of cultivation. Tap and hold a building to move it. Place reasonably and build your own unique harem. Apart from the renovated palaces, there are many abandoned places, which can be used for expansion. After expansion, the harem has become much more spacious.

Palace Master Queen's Crown Hack Basics

Through the harem has been expanded, it is still overgrown with weed and trees. Prosperity is the symbol of a thriving harem. Prosperity level can be increased after max prosperity reaches a certain value, and can provide stat bonuses to all battle heroes. The planting department is a place where vegetables and rice are grown. Although tribute is paid from all over the world every year, the palace has set aside a separate piece of land to grow fruits, vegetables and rice. Firstly, to ensure the supply of fresh ingredients, and secondary, for the sake of elegance. The harvested wheat can be used to make staple food and some errands will directly require wheat. Remember to harvest mature crops in time, Of course, you can also ask heroes to help with it.

Hint & Tips

1. In the rice house, the harvested crops can be made into various staple food. To rule the harem, you have to feed people in the harem well.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: smash eggs x10, silver, ingot, point, expansion order, resources, building pack, divine recruit x10
3. In the Household Bureau, you can award people. Awarding get you rewards. The needs of everyone in the harem are all listed here. Plant and make various products, and complete errands to obtain business EXP and silver. After you level up, you can unlock more errands.

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