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Party Animals use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Hello and welcome to the party animals tutorial. Have a look around, take it all in. See the wee thingy that just popped out? That is the stamina bar. You need stamina to run, attack, climb or carry things around. Better keep good track of it at all times. Look left and right with Q, E. Hold L shift to run, then press space to jump to the platform on the right. Jump over the gap. Little run up lets you jump further. You can grab everything in the game. Pick up the green cube thing. Now put the cube thing onto the metal pressure sensor to unlock the door. You can throw things far away as well. Now pick up the green cube thing again. Try throwing the cube across the gap.

Party Animals Hack Basics

See that punching bag? Time to learn a couple of moves. Trow a couple of jabs for a start. Quite a sizable head you've got there. Try some headbutt why don't you. Oooops sorry. Forgot to mention. You can get knocked out by your own attacks from time to time. I won't forget again i promise. Now try a heavy punch. To pick up weapons, you will need to align your hands with the handle. Pick up the lollipop. Hit the punching bag with the lollipop. You can climb walls too. Hold space while grabbing the net to climb onto the platform. People will try to hit you left and right. Luckily, dodge roll can help you avoid them. You can still attack when you are grabbing things.

Hint & Tips

1. Party Animals achieved so much in the past week, even reaching the top 4 played games on Steam, which is beyond our wildest dreams. There were a lot of punches thrown, headbutts dished, and dropkicks dealt over the past week, and we couldn’t be happier how warm our players’ welcome has been!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: skins, invisible mode, off KO, speed up, auto attack, abilities, shield, secret combination
3. Interact with the globe under our realistic physics engine. Did you mention puppies? This apk is made with love from a fanatic of the original mini game, it is an unofficial walkthrough created with love.

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